Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

33Nitto Denko Group Report 2013In October 2012, Nitoms released the Group’s rst stationery brand called “STÁLOGY®,” coined from the words “stationery,” “standard” and “technology.” STÁLOGY® provides “What should have been, is”: quality stationery which is good in design and function and is provided at affordable prices. Unique and stylish stationery is produced from a collaboration between the technologies of Nitoms and “total direction” of Good Design Company. Nitoms technologies include core technologies of Nitto Denko, such as our adhesives technology. The stationery lineup includes double-coated tapes, ultra-transparent tapes, circular masking tape patches, sticky notes and erasers.In January 2013 we began selling a new energy-saving window lm, featuring the industry’s highest-level thermal insulation along with solar heat rejection, allowing users to achieve energy savings year-round.In summer, the lm rejects approximately 50% of solar heat, which improves cooling efciency. On the other hand, it suppresses heat ow in winter by approximately 35%, reducing heating load and maintaining warmth. By simply applying the lm to windows, an easy convenient and energy-saving improvement is realized, blocking ultraviolet light and acting as a glass scattering prevention function.The lm’s transparency, high thermal insulation and adiabaticity have attracted public attention. We have had numerous business inquiries since its introduction and it has already been used in public ofces, ofce complexes, plants and hospitals in Japan.In order to showcase the Nitto Denko Group’s technologies and products to customers in the burgeoning Chinese market, we established Nitto Denko (Shanghai) Innovation Center at Nitto Denko (Shanghai Songjiang) in July 2013. With the aim of allowing our customers to experience our products and technologies rst-hand and thus create new business opportunities with them, we welcome them with various machines and devices.Entry into Personal Stationery MarketRelease of PENJEREX® Transparent Energy-saving Window Insulation FilmEstablishment of Innovation Center in ShanghaiSTÁLOGY® lineupInnovation Center newly opened in ShanghaiApplying PENJEREX® to windows conserves energyRaw materialsCO2 emissionsWater dischargeR&D expensesCapitalinvestmentRecyclingEnergyWaterHumanresourcesCorporate governanceManagementProductsNew technologyBusinessactivitySalesOperatingIncomeDividendsSocialcontributionsSolvent emissionsIndustrial wasteIntellectualproperty