Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

32Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Business ActivitiesContributing to society with “Green, Clean and Fine” products produced according to our corporate vision of “Creation of New Value” Industrial Tape Business (Functional Base Products) In our adhesive tapes and high-function products for the automobile industry, in spite of the impact of problems between Japan and China, sales remained strong as a whole, in line with healthy sales in the North and South American markets and the South Asia market.With regards to tapes for the electronics industry, sales of double-coated adhesive tapes and sealing materials remained strong in the rst half of the scal year, not only because of the growing market for smartphones and tablet PCs, but also the increasing number of our products newly utilized in such devices. However, in the latter part of the scal year, we were affected by our customers’ adjusting their production beyond our assumptions.Our adhesive tapes for electronic components and hard disc drives were weak, in line with a downturn experienced in the market for PCs and digital appliances. As for sales of double-coated adhesive tapes, surface protective materials and uoroplastic products with high general versatility for general industrial application did not show strong recovery as a whole, in spite of an increase in sales of some kinds of products.Turning now to tapes for hygienic use, we implemented an enhancement of our system with the acquisition of Bento, Turkey’s top tape manufacturer. In rapidly developing Brazil, the automotive industry is steadily expanding, with major automotive parts manufacturers accelerating penetration of the market and local production. In order to expand market share there, Nitto Denko America Latina is constructing a new plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Construction began in February 2013 and completion is expected to be in December 2013. There will be 55 employees at start-up. The present ofce is to move into the new plant. At the new plant, we will manufacture various kinds of high-function components and processed goods contributing to improvement of fuel efciency and reduction of noise and vibration of cars, with the aim of expanding our business in South America.Construction of New Plant for High-function Automotive Components in BrazilFiscal 2011Fiscal 2012Year-on-year comparisonSales 242,986256,194105.4%Operating income13,87412,209 88.0%Yen in millionsIn scal 2013, we will further promote our globalization, focusing on developing countries and creating Area Niche Top products by managing a range of processes, from the development of products and the procurement of raw materials, to the production and sale of products on site.20112012050,000100,000150,000200,000250,000300,000■ Sales■ Operating income242,986256,19413,87412,209(FY)(Millions of yen)BrazilProvince of Sao PauloNitto Denko America Latina ArgentinaChileUruguayParaguayBoliviaPeruEcuadorColombiaVenezuelaGuyanaトリニダード・トバゴバルバドスセントビンセント=グレナディーン諸島グレナダセントルシアパナマコスタリカニカラグアホンジュラスSurinameGuianaAddress: Rua Charles Goodyear, 460 – Bairro Cururuquara – Santana do Parnaiba – SP – CEP 06524-105Sao PauloConstruction sitefor new plant