Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

31Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Value Improvement as an Intangible AssetIn line with our business activities being developed globally, the importance of intellectual property related to our business and products is ever-increasing. With realignment within the Group, we will continue to enhance not only the impact of new business and product launches, but also our competitive power. Furthermore, we will take actions in conjunction with the theme of R&D, aiming to ensure that our “strong intellectual property” is a countermeasure against counterfeit goods in developing countries.Nitto Denko Receives Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator Award for Second Consecutive YearNitto Denko received the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator Award for the second consecutive year in 2012.This award is offered to “Top 100 Global Corporations” selected by Thomson Reuters Professional KK, with its innovation criteria, developed utilizing its unique intellectual data and the cooperation of a number of external institutions.The selection of award-winning companies is based on four criteria: Success; Global; Inuence; and Volume. Top 100 Global Corporations invent on a signicant scale and have outstanding intellectual property management strategies; work on developments which are acknowledged as innovative by patent ofces across the world and their peers; and their inventions are so important that they seek global protection for them. They are also known to have inventions with the potential to inuence world markets.Receiving the award for a second year in succession shows that our strategy for intellectual property is regarded highly throughout the world.Nitto Denko Fourth on Patent Board Chemicals Ranking in Wall Street JournalNitto Denko, which had already been consistently highly-ranked, was ranked 4th on the Patent Board Chemicals Patent Scorecard, published in The Wall Street Journal in the week ending February 15, 2013, making it the highest-ranking Japanese company listed. Nitto Denko Innovative Production Method Receives the Invention Prize of the National Commendation for InventionIn June 2012, Nitto Denko received the Invention Prize of the 2012 National Commendation for Invention (Host: Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation) for its “Invention of Continuous Manufacturing Process and Associated Apparatus for the Production of Liquid Crystal Display Elements”. The award is given to an invention which is technologically superior and has distinguished practical benets. Nitto Denko manufactures polarizing lm, which is indispensable in LCDs and deliveries it to LCD panel manufacturers. Previously, we delivered the lm to customers after the cutting, inspection and packing process and customers unpacked and attached it individually to each LCD panel. This method had a number of disadvantages, such as the labor-intensive inspection process and the need for packaging and storing of the lm. Therefore, production and transportation costs were seen increasing every year.Against this background, we developed a device with which to deliver polarizing lm in rolls to LCD manufacturers to enable them to cut and attach the lm uninterruptedly in their plants. This led to signicant reductions in production costs, transportation costs and in the gross weight of supplies shipped. In addition, production efciency improved dramatically.This method will become a standard manufacturing process throughout the world in the future. Not only our technological capability, but also its power to inuence, received recognition and led to our earning of this year’s prize.Nitto Denko Group Patent Application (Japan and other major countries)Intellectual PropertyRaw materialsCO2 emissionsWater dischargeR&D expensesCapitalinvestmentRecyclingEnergyWaterHumanresourcesCorporate governanceManagementProductsNew technologyIntellectualpropertyBusinessactivitySalesOperatingIncomeDividendsSocialcontributionsSolvent emissionsIndustrial waste05001,0001,5002,0002,50020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011(Number of Application)(Year of Application)■ WIPO■ EPO■ Taiwan ■ Korea■ China■ United States■ JapanPersonnel involved in development of the new process