Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

30Nitto Denko Group Report 2013NET has mid-term goals (milestones) to help see the transition of R&D themes into product development in the following three to six years. The main R&D themes at present are the development of medical device-related products, such as surgical tape utilizing bio-based materials, which are being jointly developed by teams of researchers specializing in biosciences and chemistry. As of May 2013 the center had a staff of eight, but this is expected to increase to 20 within the next ve years in order to strengthen R&D activities. We are also keen to source interns from EPFL and other research institutions and train them, along with other R&D personnel from within NET and the wider Nitto Denko Group, to branch out into many other new themes. Expansion into the Fitness and Wellness MarketSince R&D activities commenced in 2008, the Nitto Denko Asia Technical Centre (NAT) has been developing new products in the life science sector based on the proprietary optical sensing technologies developed. Recently, they succeeded in developing a unique lifestyle product for the mobile tness and wellness market. There has been an increased awareness regarding health evident around the world, and a visible indicator is the major growth of tness and wellness related markets together with the variant of related products brought to market.Mobile devices that are able to monitor the state of one’s lifestyle at any time in any place are helpful in maintaining day-to-day tness and wellness and improving overall awareness.Known as tinké™ mobile lifestyle sensor developed by NAT works by connecting it into the dock connector of iOS device and resting your thumb over the sensing platform to monitor your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level and heart rate variability* in real time.Each measurement can be saved as history where you can observe the trend or shared with family and friends using social media.Whereas in the past most mobile health devices were mainly used for monitoring people’s physical activities, such as pedometers, tinké™ can monitor information from your body that provides a direct indication of one’s tness and wellness. This information is processed by the proprietary software developed to provide indexes that can be easily understood by the general consumer. In December 2011, NAT established a business operation entity, Zensorium, to introduce tinké™ into the consumer markets. tinké™ has been displayed at various trade shows and been featured in the media as a unique optical sensing device.As a member of the Nitto Denko Group, NAT is committed to creating new businesses focused around our “Green, Clean and Fine” theme in order to develop products that can contribute to people’s health and make their lives more comfortable. More information regarding this device can be found at the following website:* Heart Rate VariabilityUsed as an index to show fluctuations in heart rate, this varies in accordance with changes in autonomic nerve activity. By monitoring heart rate information it is possible to ascertain psychological conditions, such as stress.The exterior of the Nitto Denko Europe Technical Centre Sàrl (NET)Research and Developmenttinké™tinké™ in action