Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

24Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Environmental Conservation ActivitiesOur Approach to Climate ChangeOur Policy on Climate ChangeAlmost half of CO2 emissions generated by the consumption of energy in the world are caused by industry. Therefore, a reduction in CO2 emissions is a signicant issue for the Nitto Denko Group. In conformity with our Environmental Policy: “We will continue our efforts to conserve resources and energy, reduce industrial waste, and promote recycling in all aspects of our operations”, we are implementing reductions in CO2 emissions.CO2 Emissions (Scopes 1+2)Total CO2 emissions in fiscal 2012: 707,776 CO2-metric tons (consolidated)Total CO2 emissions in scal 2012 increased over the previous scal year. On the other hand, our unit CO2 emissions (CO2 emissions per 1 million yen of production output) decreased to 899 CO2-kg/million yen. Total CO2 emissions increased mainly because the amount of energy used, which accounts for 71 % of CO2 emissions, did not decline, while the CO2 emission factors for electricity purchased at production bases in Japan deteriorated, as a result of the halt in operations of domestic nuclear power plants.In the future, we will implement the development of products and processes which are energy-efcient at the time of manufacture.Visualization of CO2 Emissions throughout the Entire Supply Chain (Scope 3)We are trying to grasp what kind of inuence the entire supply chain has on climate change. In scal 2012, we calculated CO2 emissions generated from the transportation of our products to our customers.In order to grasp the situation across entire supply chains, we will establish a method for calculating other objects.Japan 66%Taiwan 8%China 10%South Korea 8%Belgium 4%Malaysia 2%U.S. 1%Vietnam 1%Electricityand fuel: 71%Incineration ofsolvent vapors:27%Incineration of industrial waste:2%CO2 Emissions in Fiscal 2012: 707,776CO2-metric tonsCO2 Emissions in Fiscal 2012: 707,776CO2-metric tons0100,000200,000300,000400,000500,000600,000700,000800,000900,00002004006008001,0001,2001,4001,6001,8001990200520082009201020112012231,095547,15528,423143,893■■■1,6411,481414,51627,672243,9061,225418,20727,766243,6851,023424,34728,877253,9971,023406,26427,519247,5661,015440,34224,089243,345899(CO2-metric tons/year)(CO2-kg/million yen)(FY)Nitto Denko CorporationDomestic group companiesOverseas group companiesUnit emissionsBenchmark year ofKyoto Protocol( )* Scopes 1, 2 and 3 described on this page show the range of estimates covered by the ‘Greenhouse Gas Protocol’.Total and Unit CO2 Emissions (Scopes 1+2) (consolidated)CO2 Emissions by Source (consolidated)CO2 Emissions by Country (consolidated)Total amount of greenhouse gas emissions in scal 2012 (Scopes 1, 2 and 3) (non-consolidated): 449,039 t-CO2Purchased electricity147,132 t-CO2293,210 t-CO28,697 t-CO2Scope 2ManufacturingScope 1PartnersTransportatitonOur customersScope 3The method of calculation is now under consideration.The Nitto Denko Group releases information on climate change through the Carbon Disclosure Project.