Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

22Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Environmental Conservation ActivitiesProtecting our valuable Earth and passing it onto future generationsIn order for a corporation and a society to continue sustainable development, the Nitto Denko Group believes that as a member of society, we have a responsibility to conduct management in harmony with the global environment. The Nitto Denko Group has been implementing environmental conservation activities according to an independent goal since the 1960’s. We established our “Corporate Environmental Policy” in 1996 and our “Environmental Management Index” in 2004, showing and evaluating our concept of environmental management. Since then, we have been promoting environmental management globally.In order to protect the valuable Earth where we live, and pass it onto future generations, the Nitto Denko Group continues to implement environmentally-friendly business activities under our Corporate Vision of “Creation of New Value”.Promotion of Environmental ManagementOur Concept of Environmental ManagementIn conformity with our corporate vision and our Corporate Environmental Policy, we implement environmental management through two approaches: a “reduction of environmental load associated with our business activity”; and the “development of business conducive to environmental conservation”.Doubling our Environmental Efciency – Environmental Management IndexBy establishing an “Environmental Management Index” (Environmental Impact Value-added Productivity), we aim to double our environmental efciency between scal 2005 and 2015. The Environmental Impact Value-added Productivity is an index which indicates the environmental Organization for Environmental ManagementIn order to promote business activities under our corporate vision and Corporate Environmental Policy, we have established an expert team, whose head is a representative director, promoting environmental conservation activities globally.1.We will develop an internal environmental management system that promotes effective environmental preservation.2.With a proper understanding of the environmental impact of our operations, we will develop internal environmental objectives and targets as far as is technically and economically practicable; moreover, we will pursue these objectives and targets in an organized manner to ensure the continual improvement of our environmental preservation efforts. 3.Our technical and product development will focus on the reduction of environmental load.4.We will continue our efforts to conserve resources and energy, reduce industrial waste, and promote recycling in all aspects of our operations. 5.As part of our dedication to reducing the load on the environment, we will develop alternative technologies intended to reduce consumption of the sources of environmental pollution as well as to control emissions of environmental pollutants to the greatest extent feasible.6.We will comply fully with environmental laws, regulations and agreements, and will impose our own environmental criteria as required in the interests of environmental preservation.7.We will make sure that our employees receive environmental training and information so that all understand the signicance of our Corporate Environmental Policy, have increased awareness of the importance of environmental preservation, and act on our Corporate Environmental Policy.8.We will conduct periodic environmental audits in order to monitor the effectiveness of our environmental management strategy and identify areas requiring improvement.9.As part of our social contribution, we will publicize proprietary technologies and information that are likely to benet the environment.Our Policy on the Environment – The Nitto Denko Group’s Corporate Environmental PolicyCEOEnvironmental expert teamEnvironment and Safety CommitteeGlobal environmental strategyHead: Board Member and Senior Executive Vice PresidentImprovement of global total safetyOccupational safetyOccupational healthTrafc safetyEnvironmental conservationFire protection and preventionPlanningDevelopment ofenvironmental technology