Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

20Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Delivering safe and outstanding quality products Chemical Substance Management, Quality Management and QES AuditsChemical Substance ManagementManaging in-house information on chemical substances properly Our Position on Chemical Substance ManagementAs a manufacturer dealing with chemical substances, we have a responsibility to understand sufciently the dangers of chemical substances, to prevent environmental pollution, disasters and accidents and to ensure the chemical substances we employ do not adversely affect human health, ecosystems or the environment. This led us to establish the Corporate Chemical Substances Department to manage chemical substances.Our Risk Management of Chemical SubstancesWe conduct activities from three standpoints as stated below in order to deliver safe products to our customers and to allow local residents and employees to live with peace of mind.Activities for preventing disasters and accidents caused by chemical substancesWe conduct risk management to prevent potential res or industrial accidents from occurring resulting from the use of chemical substances. If it is determined that serious risks exist, we review facilities and work practices to reduce the risks. Activities for preventing adverse affects on human healthWe establish chemical management levels by assessing the overall risks of chemical substances used within the Group from the standpoint of their harmful effects on human health. As a result of the assessment, high risk chemical substances are banned from use or restricted in the amount used.Activities for preventing adverse affects on ecosystems and the environment We execute proper processing in-house in order for chemical substances used in our manufacturing settings not to have harmful effects on the environment. We also regularly hold presentations to obtain local community understanding of our handling processes.These activities are conducted in conformity with “Nitto Denko Group Regulations on Voluntary Management of Chemicals.” Furthermore, since December 2008 we have been making use of the “Nitto Denko Group Chemical Substances Management System (NCM),” a voluntary measure, as a tool to manage smoothly information on individual chemicals and information on the regulation of substances.Quality ManagementIn order to constantly enhance customer satisfaction with our outstanding quality and servicesQuality Standards to Ensure Customer SatisfactionUnder our Corporate Vision of “Swiftly create products and services offering new functions that give satisfaction to customers” and “Always be mindful of corporate social responsibility, including sustainability and community relations”, and aiming to constantly enhance customer satisfaction with our outstanding quality and service, we set up “Quality Standards to Ensure Customer Satisfaction” as our policy on quality and put it into practice.Quality Risk ManagementFor the establishment of “Quality Standards to Ensure Customer Satisfaction”, we introduced “Advanced Quality Management (AQM)” in scal 2005, in order to solve problems before the occurrence of quality issues or any claims. While we had previously conducted activities to enhance our quality assurance system with a “Quality Management System,” we are able to enact more effective improvements with AQM.Cultivation of Human Resources and Information SharingHowever cautious an employee might be, human errors occur. In order to maintain superior quality, it is a priority to improve our workplace to the point where we do not make human errors, or in the case of errors, such errors do not manifest as serious issues. To that end, education is necessary. We initially cultivated 40 instructors from 17 bases in the East Asia area, where the number of employees is largest.We conduct this activity in “Quality Sector Area Exchange Meetings,” which are held in East Asia, South Asia, the Americas and Europe every year, aiming for the sharing