Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

Shareholders, individual and institutional investorsEmployees andtheir familiesAdministrativeagenciesProcurementand business partnersNPOs and NGOsGlobalenvironmentCustomers• Supply of products• Improvement ofcustomer satisfaction• Quality control• Product safety• Return of prots • Corporate governance• Timely disclosure of information• Use of diversity of human resources• Cultivation of human resources• Management of health and safety• Respect for human rights• Application for approvals and licenses• Compliance• Research and development• CSR procurement• Green procurement• Environmental conservation activities• Biodiversity conservation• Sustainable productsLocalcommunities• Interaction with local communities• Social contributions• PartnershipsNittoDenkoGroup2Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Our Relationship with Our StakeholdersCorporate Vision“Creation of New Value”Guided by “Open, Fair and Best” as the very basis of our actions, Nitto Denko Group will contribute to people’s daily life and industry’s future with its power to generate innovative and unique ideas.Nitto Denko Group will:•Swiftly create products and services offering new functions that give satisfaction to customers•Honor autonomy and originality to enhance the working environment with the total freedom for the employees to take on challenges•Pursue sound business activities and continually earn shareholders trust through appropriate information disclosures and communications•Always be mindful of corporate social responsibility including sustainability and community relationsGuiding PrinciplesWith the pride and resolve of a Nitto Denko Group employee, we will always act with integrity in accordance with “Open, Fair and Best”.We will:1.Provide our customers with the highest quality in products and services2.Place safety before everything else3.Always act with a challenging spirit4.Conduct ourselves with good sense, guided by laws and ethics5.Keep in mind to help protect the global environment and conserve resourcesThe Nitto Denko Group engages with our stakeholders through various activities.