Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

18Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Placing safety before everything else – for peace of mind for us, the local community and the global community–Occupational Health and SafetyOccupational Health and Safety PolicyUnder our corporate vision of “Creation of New Value”, we operate business in conformity with our guiding principle of “Place safety before everything else”. We continue to take precautions against accidents, aiming to create and maintain a working environment in which every employee can work with peace of mind.Our Approach of Proactive Safety Activities in Fiscal 2013In scal 2013, we will implement proactive safety activities.These preemptive safety activities are to prevent hazard sources which can cause accidents. This will enable us to build a working environment free from accidents, where every employee is able to work with peace of mind. We have already begun to reduce risk by taking preventive measures or precautions against accidents. In addition, by adopting proactive safety activities, we aim to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Activities in Fiscal 2012In order to promote safety activities, it is essential to share information throughout the whole group. We regularly hold an “Environmental and Safety Sector Global Meeting” as an information-sharing forum. In scal 2012, we had approximately 200 participants from 50 bases at the conference and held discussions on the safety activities of the Nitto Denko Group.At the conference we introduced a new program in order to share and exchange information more actively about safety activities at each base. First, we held debrieng sessions on safety activities in poster-session style and shared some examples of improvements made at each base. We also held round-table discussions to enable participants to exchange opinions.Approachesfrom 2013PresentEstablishment of SafetyPeace of Mind■ Safety measures to prevent the recurrence of industrial accidents • Improvement of dangerous places similar to where accidents have occurred ■ Preventive safety activity (Risk assessment)• Determining and reducing overt and potential risk■ Proactive safety activity• Establishment of design standards • Development of new techniques • Cultivation of culture (Globalization)■ Establishment of Nitto safety culture05101520253035400. industrial accidents: Industrial accidents resulting in long-term injury (disability)Serious industrial accidents: Industrial accidents with the potential for long-term injury (disability)N accident frequency rate: Number of critical or serious industrial accidents per total 1 million labour hoursN accident frequency rateNumber of critical/serious accidentsN accident frequency rateNumber of critical/serious accidentsGoal of N accident frequency rate(FY)Poster sessionsRound-table discussionsThe Nitto Denko Group continues to implement safety activities in order to achieve our Group’s goal of “Zero Critical and Serious Accidents”. The occurrence of such accidents has been on a declining trend in the medium and long terms. However, over the past few years, the number of accidents occurring has remained somewhat constant. On December 12, 2012, an accident occurred at one of our group companies in Taiwan. An employee died after becoming entangled in machinery. To prevent such an accident from occurring again, a special team is investigating whether the same hazard source exists in other Group companies. By enhancing existing measures and developing proactive safety activities, we aim to create a safer and more comfortable working environment across the whole group.Occurrence of Accidents Raw materialsCO2 emissionsWater dischargeR&D expensesCapitalinvestmentRecyclingEnergyWaterHumanresourcesCorporate governanceProductsNew technologyBusinessactivitySalesOperatingIncomeDividendsSocialcontributionsManagementSolvent emissionsIndustrial wasteIntellectualproperty