Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

17Nitto Denko Group Report 2013Raw materialsCO2 emissionsWater dischargeR&D expensesCapitalinvestmentRecyclingEnergyWaterHumanresourcesCorporate governanceManagementProductsNew technologyBusinessactivitySalesOperatingIncomeDividendsSocialcontributionsSolvent emissionsIndustrial wasteIntellectualpropertyThe summits served as an ideal opportunity to share the Nitto Denko Group’s human resource policies. Attendees participated in various discussions and gave presentations on topics such as reviewing the roles and functions of human resource management sectors; contributing to the Group’s business from a human resource management perspective; and developing ways to share information on talent across the Group’s various locations. Other topics included job rotation and career development.Human resource management personnel are now hard at work to realize the dual goals of “developing talent which can truly benet the Group” and “cultivating ‘Nitto Persons,’ with a deep understanding of Nitto’s DNA.” 3. Leadership development program for “high potentials” fully launchedThe Global Business Academy (GBA) was launched in July 2011, aiming to develop future business leaders globally. In scal 2012 the entire program was ne-tuned and is now fully operational.In September 2012, Nitto Denko Material (Thailand) received the Thai Labor Benet Provider Award 2012 from Thailand’s Ministry of Labor, an award given to corporations which provide excellent benets and welfare to their labor force.The award was in part recognition of the compassionate welfare shown by Nitto Denko Material (Thailand) to its staff members, maintaining their employment status, continuing to pay their wages and supplying food donations to them. Thai ofcials also recognized the united efforts of the company, which led to a swift recovery of its operations.Award from Thailand’s Ministry of Labor for our Response during the Thailand Floods GBA provides four course levelsEach course level targets employees of group companies around the world, where “Nitto Persons” are to be developed to play active roles in “the second stage of globalization” of Nitto Denko.In scal year 2012, 59 participants took part in unique training programs. The participants included 2 from the US, 3 from Europe, 2 from South Asia and 6 from East Asia.Throughout each GBA course, participants not only obtain management capabilities but also have heated debates on solutions to global business challenges.Promoting Females Playing Active RolesPromoting the Advancement of Females Playing Active RolesAs of scal 2012, the percentage of female management-level employees as well as female employees of Nitto Denko (non-consolidated) had still not reached a sufcient level compared to other major manufacturing corporations. It is “Nitto Persons,” regardless of nationality or gender who will support our future progress. In scal 2012, aiming to be a corporation in which female employees are able to play an active role, we launched a project to review the system supporting female activities and an approach promoting changes in attitudes in the workplace.Employees from various countries gather for discussionsAward ceremony, Head Ofce, Ministry of Labour (Thailand), BangkokThen President Takami, Nitto Denko Material (Thailand) (left)GBA-E(Executive)GBA-A(Advanced)GBA-F(Fundamental)GBA-C(Challenge)Development of and networking opportunities for the next generation of global business leaders in each region and business sectorDevelopment of global business leadersLeadership development globally integratedThe focus is on a practical approach with projects based on Nitto Denko’s corporate strategyLeadership development for functional managers and employees with high potentialAiming to hold training sessions in each region throughout the world in the futureDevelopment of next generation business leaders among globally available candidatesDevelopment of core talent in order to become a learning organization