Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

12Nitto Denko Group Report 2013GovernanceRisk ManagementWe investigate from a global standpoint any risk areas that may present as serious concerns to management and business activities. Any potential risk areas are prioritized and countermeasures aimed at prevention, avoidance, measurement and transformation are taken. (Refer to Associated Business Risks Listed in the Financial Report on pp.14-15)Furthermore, we implement the following approaches:Emergency Reporting System and Supporting SystemIf a large-scale disaster or serious accident occurs, a system developed by the Nitto Denko Group immediately contacts top management. If necessary, top management will authorize a Disaster Response Headquarters to be established, and all aficted group companies and bases will receive the support of the entire Nitto Denko Group. Business Continuity PlanOn the basis of our experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Nitto Denko Group issued a revised edition Nitto Denko was selected as a component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacic Index, an index of the world’s leading Socially Responsible Investments, for the rst time.The Dow Jones Sustainability Index assesses enterprises around the world in terms of the economy, environment and society, and is one of the most important measures cited by investors concerned with corporate social responsibility (CSR).Inclusion in Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacic Indexof the “Business Continuity Manual (Earthquake Edition)” in September 2011 on four basic policies: Respect for human life; Prevention of secondary disasters; Responsibility for supplying products; and Supporting the local community.In February 2013, based on this, we conducted an earthquake drill in cooperation with two bases for the rst time. The drill was a kind of evaluation of how parties with no prior detailed notice of the drill acted in a real-life simulation of an earthquake and resulting accidents. Through this drill, some issues emerged and the teamwork of the Disaster Response Headquarters was enhanced.In the future, we will improve the Business Continuity Plan by continuing to conduct disaster training drills and identifying and remedying any problems.Emergency & IncidentReporting GuidebookEmergency reports should be made to Nitto Denko Corporation HQ and the organizations concerned separately and incident reports should be made to Specialty Sectors.This guidebook is kept by selected management members. If you leave your position or your company, your responsibility has to be transferred to another responsible employee and the guidebook should be passed to your successor. Earthquake drillGuidebook with contact information in an emergency