Nitto Denko Group Report 2013

10Nitto Denko Group Report 2013The Mid-term Management Plan (2013-2015) has been launched. We will promote “healthy business growth,” based on a comfortable and safe workplace. 312,267 thousand yenSocial contributions(non-consolidated)230,474 tonRaw materials(non-consolidated)707,776 t-CO2CO2 emissions1,330 tonSolvent emissions4,333,073 tonWater discharge(non-consolidated)121,061 tonIndustrial waste27,573 million yen675,614 million yenR&D expenses49,807 million yenCapital investmentRecycling5,860,448 GJEnergy4,784,542 tonWater (Domestic)30,382 employeesHuman resourcesCorporate governanceManagementSalesProductsIndustrial tape68,672 million yenOperating Income100 yenDividends per shareFiscal 2012 performanceOptronicsMedical & MembraneNew technologyIntellectualpropertyProcurementand business partnersEmployees andtheir familiesShareholders, individual and institutional investorsCustomersLocalcommunitiesGlobalenvironmentNPOs and NGOsAdministrativeagenciesBusinessactivityMid-term Management Plan – “Nitto-2015”1. Action PlanProactively take on new challenges and achieve continuous innovation to revive our growth potential2. Performance Plan3. Sales budgets by areaHealthy business growthGet back on the growth track•Continuous growth of existing businesses•Pursuit of new businessesFurther globalizationStrengthen emerging market development efforts•Enter the market on our own•Enter through M&A and external collaborationQualitative improvementSimultaneously pursue business growth (integrate both efforts)•Reform corporate culture•Develop management infrastructureHuman resources growthDevelop “Nitto Persons”•Company management by "Nitto Persons", regardless of gender or nationality, who have Nitto DNA02004006008001,000(%)*Assuming an exchange rate of USD/JPY = 95 in scal 2013 and 201503691215201220132015675.668.67659692012010.1%12.5%13.0%(FY)(Billions of yen)■ Sales ■ OP OP / Sales Ratio02004006008001,000201220132015Total: 675.631.1%52.5%5.8%5.6%5.0%Total: 765Total: 92027%54%7%7%5%25%55%7%7%6%■ Europe■ The Americas■ South Asia ■ East Asia■ Japan(Billions of yen)Business Model