NITTO DENKO GROUP CSR & Annual Report 2012

CSR & Annual Report 20125ElectronicsNew Materials Providing Behind-the-Scenes Support to the Development of the Electronics IndustryThe Nitto Denko Group’s extensive lineup of electronics-related products, such as optical films, flexible printed circuits and thin-film metal circuit boards, is applied to various devices, including wide-screen LCD TVs, personal computers, smartphones, handheld game consoles, hard disk drives, and so on.Housing & ConstructionCreating a Comfortable Living Space for Tomorrow – From Residential Homes to High-rise BuildingsAdhesive tapes are used in diverse housing-related applications based on key concepts, such as “air-tightness”, “waterproofing”, “soundproofing”, “masking” and “surface protection”.EnvironmentContributing to the Elimination of the World’s Water ShortageThe Nitto Denko Group provides diverse application-specific separation membranes mainly comprised of reverse osmosis membranes, particularly for seawater desalination and wastewater treatment and reuse.AutomotivesTargeting an Ever Cleaner, Safer and More Comfortable Motorized SocietyThe Nitto Denko Group’s technologies and products, such as reinforcing, vibration-damping and sealing materials, as well as numerous different kinds of adhesive tapes, find active use in every conceivable application.General IndustryConstantly Evolving Tapes in the Field of Boundless PossibilitiesThe Nitto Denko Group is a provider of a wide range of materials, such as double-coated tapes, sealing materials, masking tapes and surface protection materials, used in diverse segments of industry to assure safety in offices and buildings, in precision machinery, machinery and equipment used in production processes, and on actual worksites.HealthcareConcretely Addressing the Wish for “Comfort and Health” among People around the WorldThe Nitto Denko Group supplies a whole variety of adhesive tapes in the medical and athletic fields. In addition, our “transdermal drug delivery patches”, which allow medications to enter the human body through the skin, are used in wide-ranging medical applications, such as asthma and angina treatment, and local anesthetics.Transparent conductive film – ELECRYSTATMWaterproof and airproof taping – HYPERFLASHTMSurface protective materials – E-MASK®Masking tapesSeawater desalination spiral RO membrane elementTransdermal drug delivery patchesYu-Ki BanTMCuring tapesInternal pressure regulator – TEMISH®Steel plate reinforcing materials – NITOHARDTMThin-film metal base board with high resolution circuit – CISFLEX®Our Business Activities and Major Products