NITTO DENKO GROUP CSR & Annual Report 2012

CSR & Annual Report 201231Contributing to the EnvironmentResearching Core Technologies Linked to Green Innovation – Approaches of Ecological Technology Department – In accordance with an increase in societal concern about the environment, “eco products” have become sought after. The Nitto Denko Group has developed environmentally-friendly products. However, new fundamental technologies are necessary from the standpoint of eco in order to produce innovative products in fitting with a coming green society.The Ecological Technology Department was inaugurated in 2010 and is a group which expertly researches fundamental technologies necessary in order to develop environmentally-friendly products at the time of manufacturing and environment-serving products. The Ecological Technology Department is presently focused on technologies to reduce energy, waste and organic solvents, which are the big three factors of contributing to environmental load generated at the time of manufacturing.Combining new technologies with many existing technologies, we will make collective and concerted efforts to create innovative eco products.Focusing on Next Stage in Biodiversity Conservation ActivitiesBiodiversity is an essential platform for a sustainable society and the Nitto Denko Group is involved in biodiversity conservation activities together with UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) and Nippon Keidanren. We consider that in order to enrich our approach it is important that our employees have a precise understanding of biodiversity. Therefore, in fiscal 2011 we created opportunities to inform our employees about biodiversity through our company magazines and information sessions.Turn-off-the-lights Campaign and Environmental Exhibition at Every BaseIn fiscal 2009, the Nitto Denko Group launched “Green Design Action” with the aim of improving employees’ awareness of the environment. Our goal is that employees will be able to adopt pro-environment behaviors in their daily lives. Thus far, we have conducted activities with the central focus on major bases. In fiscal 2011 we made efforts at every base in Japan and abroad. We made the Turn-off-the-lights Campaign held in July a trigger for employees to consider energy issues, while at the Environmental Exhibition in January, where our approaches in the Group were exhibited, we also had them gain a better understanding of the environment. Aiming at a further improvement of our employees’ awareness of the environment, we will continue to conduct such activities.Environmental Exhibition