NITTO DENKO GROUP CSR & Annual Report 2012

CSR & Annual Report 201230Environmental Performance Data– Reduction of organic solvents –The Nitto Denko Group is implementing measures to reduce the quantity of organic solvents used in manufacturing our products. A reduction in the amount of organic solvents used helps to avoid the possibility of hazardous explosions or fire, and damage to human health, as well as to reduce environmental load.The Nitto Denko Group installed oxidizing equipment (incineration equipment used for solvent gases) or solvent recovery units on every production line where necessary domestically and abroad, to prevent air pollution generated from organic solvents. The amount of VOC emissions has been declining year after year, and the figure for fiscal 2011 was 1,171 metric tons. We will continue to preserve air quality by properly maintaining our equipments.Simultaneously, we are aggressively engaged in reducing the quantity of organic solvents used. Recently, emulsion polymerization and UV polymerization technologies employed without the use of organic solvents have attracted attention. By carefully examining the characteristics of each technology, we are applying such technologies to a variety of products, with a particular focus on industrial tapes. By utilizing environmentally-friendly technologies, we will realize the development of products with superior characteristics, making use of our essential technologies and experience and disseminating our technical know-how throughout the entire Group.EnvironmentalConservation Activities05001,0001,5002,00075053368201120051,1311255971,0996235286857297779642961,099313972007200820092010(metric tons/year)(FY)Nitto Denko CorporationDomestic group companiesOverseas group companies010,00020,00030,000010203014,27820.52011200516,42614,84111,94813,94011,60224.318.819.119.417.92007200820092010(metric tons/year)(%)(FY)Recovered amount of VOCRecycle rateLow VOC Double-Coated Adhesive Tape for Rough Surfaces (EW-514)The number of environmentally-conscious products provided by the Nitto Denko Group is increasing year by year. Low VOC Double-Coated Adhesive Tape for Rough Surfaces (EW-514), is a product from which the amount of VOC diffused is very small. Furthermore, not only are organic solvents not used, but the residual amount of other volatile components is low. It has high adhesion properties and is used on rough surfaces of materials such as interior automotive trim where a low VOC is desirable and foams and nonwoven fabric cloth, which are used inside electrical appliances.Amount of VOC Emissions (consolidated)Amount of VOC Recycling (consolidated)