NITTO DENKO GROUP CSR & Annual Report 2012

CSR & Annual Report 201229Environmental Performance Data– Effective utilization of resources –The Nitto Denko Group is implementing activities to reduce industrial waste generated from production activity. The total amount of industrial waste and unit generation of industrial waste (industrial waste per 1 million yen of production output) in fiscal 2011 increased compared to fiscal 2010. By region, the amount of industrial waste at overseas group companies increased. We will continue to reduce losses generated in the manufacturing process, aiming at the effective utilization of invested resources at all of our bases.In consequence of our implementing the effective utilization of industrial waste with the aim of recycling, mainly at domestic bases, the effective utilization rate (the ratio of the amount of scrap materials to the total amount of industrial waste) of industrial waste remained the same level of fiscal 2010. Scrap materials which are reusable as fuels or materials are marketable. For example, Nitto Denko Toyohashi Plant has been making efforts to produce valuable resources from adhesive waste since 2010. It is an approach in which adhesive waste treated heretofore as industrial waste is reprocessed into reusable fuels. Selling such fuels as alternative fuels led to a reduction of 3,240t/year in the consumption of coal and 4,200 CO2-metric tons/year in emissions of CO2 by purchasers.On the other hand, the Nitto Denko Group focuses on reducing the amount of industrial waste generated and on developing production processes in which no industrial waste is generated. Packaging and wrapping materials used in shipping become waste materials. Therefore, by means of considering every step from the procurement of materials to our customers’ processes, we continue to form a supply chain in which the amount of waste materials decreases.Establishment of Nitto Denko Group Regulations for Waste ManagementWaste management laws and guidelines exist in each country where we operate, but standards vary.At many bases in the Nitto Denko Group we implement waste management properly by means of acquiring ISO14001 certification. In order to increase the level of management, we established ‘Nitto Denko Group Regulations for Waste Management’, targeting all group companies, in August 2011.Nitto Denko (Suzhou) Certified National Level Corporation in Management of Dangerous WasteReceiving a high evaluation from the Chinese government in the proper management of dangerous waste designated by the Government, Nitto Denko (Suzhou) was certified as a national level corporation by the Environmental Protection Agency in Suzhou Industrial Park. Among 4 levels (national, provincial, city and park), the national level represents the highest level. At this time, five corporations received national level certification from the Suzhou Industrial Park and Nitto Denko (Suzhou) was the first Japanese-owned corporation to do so.025,00050,00075,000100,000125,000150,00014015016017018019020059,8443,26955,9081982011200562,6743,03213,28476,5683,19569,54660,6392,84950,58461,5712,98652,69256,84243,6263,0241631821851691702007200820092010(metric tons/year)(kg/million yen)(FY)Nitto Denko CorporationDomestic group companiesOverseas group companiesUnit generation05101520253026.928.022.024.626.620072008200920102011(%)(FY)Effective Utilization Rate of Industrial Waste (consolidated)Total and Unit Generation of Industrial Waste (consolidated)