NITTO DENKO GROUP CSR & Annual Report 2012

CSR & Annual Report 201225Energy-Saving Transparent Window Insulation FilmIn recent years, one of the energy-saving measures that have been gaining some attention is the development of energy-efficient types of films for windows, which account for much loss and gain of heat. Although various kinds of energy-efficient window film have been brought to market, many merely reduce the amount of incoming solar energy, which while effective in summer does little to help the outward flow of heat during winter. The Nitto Denko Group has therefore developed a transparent window insulation film that improves energy efficiency not merely in the summer, but right throughout the year. This film keeps rooms cool in summer by blocking solar radiation and warm in winter by reducing heat loss. Furthermore, rooms do not become noticeably darker and the film is resistant to scratching. From FY2012 the company aims to expand the range of applications from the windows of homes and offices to include display chillers and transportation vehicles. Four Characteristics of Transparent Insulation Film1. Cool in Summer (Shielding, Insulation) 2. Warm in Winter (Insulation) Cuts solar radiation by 40% to block out heat.Reduces heat loss by 35%.3. TransparentLets through more than 70% of visible light to maintain brightness.4. Easy to Apply & DurableNot easily damaged by scratching.Cuts heat by reflecting solar radiation.Set at 28°CReduces heat gain.Reduces heat loss.WarmthReflects & retains heat.Insulation Comparison: Heat Transmission CoefficientIndustry-Leading Insulation Properties for Transparent Film01234566.05.63.8Glass OnlyGlass + Competitor’s Film Glass + Nitto Denko Film35%Reductionin HeatLossBetter InsulationHeat Transmission Coefficient (W/m2·K)(Ease of thermal transmission)Transparent Window Insulation Film