NITTO DENKO GROUP CSR & Annual Report 2012

CSR & Annual Report 201223Collaborative Research Center Established at Osaka UniversityIn October 2011, Nitto Denko Corporation established the Nitto Denko Advanced Technology Cooperative Research Center in the Techno-Alliance and Photonics Center buildings of Osaka University’s Suita Campus. Research concerning organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting and thin film solar cells is being carried out in the Techno-Alliance building, while biosensor-related research is being carried out in the Photonics Center. As of the end of March 2012, 32 people were working in the Research Center full-time. By establishing a collaborative research center within the university the company aims to complete major research themes and create new fields of business through inter-disciplinary collaboration. It is also hoped that interaction with university-based researchers and students from overseas will lead to the development of new research themes. Intellectual Property Strategy Results in Top 100 Global Innovator Award(1) Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator AwardIn December 2011, Nitto Denko Corporation received the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator Award. Thomson Reuters, which is based in New York, selects companies for the award from throughout the world based on four criteria: Success, Global, Influence and Volume. Such companies invent on a significant scale and have outstanding intellectual property management strategies; are working on developments which are acknowledged as innovative by patent offices across the world, and by their peers; and, their inventions are so important that they seek global protection for them. They are also known to have inventions with the potential to influence world markets.(2) No.5 on Patent Board Chemicals Ranking in WSJNitto Denko Corporation rose one place to 5th position on the Patent Board’s Chemicals Patent Scorecard published in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on February 17, 2012, making it the top-ranking listed Japanese company. The company had maintained 6th position for some time, but is pleased to see that its efforts have been rewarded with its new position. Both the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator Award and the new 5th place ranking come as a result of the Nitto Denko Group’s persistent efforts in the realm of intellectual property management over many years.In the Nitto Denko Group we place an emphasis on “Green, Clean and Fine” as we carry out research and development into products that will reduce social costs, are environmentally friendly and help to make the lives of people more healthy and comfortable.ResearchandDevelopmentTechno-Alliance buildingPhotonics Center, Osaka UniversityIntellectual Property Division GM Shozo Inoue (right) receiving the award from Toshiyuki Tomii, Thomson Reuters Professional Representative Director.