NITTO DENKO GROUP CSR & Annual Report 2012

CSR & Annual Report 201217We implement steadily varied risk reduction activities on occupational safety, occupational health, fire protection, disaster prevention and traffic safety, in order to prevent employees from getting injured or sick. In addition, we build workplaces where employees can work in safety.*Inherently safe design is a protective measure which either eliminates hazards or reduces the risks associated with hazards by changing the design or operating characteristics of a machine without the use of guards or protective devices.(2) Preventing Every AccidentFor the purpose of increasing employees’ safety awareness, we provide training using experience-based safety training apparatuses to experience danger virtually in the manufacturing process. However, in recent years, accidents such as falling while walking or tripping down stairs while not engaged in production activities have occurred with increasing frequency. Such seemingly minor accidents have the potential to cause a critical accident. Therefore, we are making efforts to further heighten employees’ safety awareness by adding experience-based safety training apparatuses for such accidents and providing continuous experience-based safety training.Personnel MattersAiming at a personnel system which is appropriate to the next stage of globalization(1) Global Conference In November 2011 and March 2012, Global Conferences were held under the CEO’s initiative. The purpose of the conferences were to communicate directly with leaders working in each country on our policies and vision and to have each of them play an active role as a “Nitto Person”, possessing the corporate ethos of the Nitto Denko Group.After counting off into groups, participants discussed new business ventures and M&A. It was most certainly a productive conference. (2) Construction of Global Personnel SystemAt present, personnel systems in each area are administrated separately by country and area. We are executing a plan to integrate the systems and such a new system is due to be partially operational in fiscal 2012.(3) Ranked 72nd on List of “Best Companies to Work for in Japan 2011”On a questionnaire, “Best Companies to Work for in Japan 2011”, by Nikkei Research, Inc. (a member of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. Group), Nitto Denko was ranked 72nd (307th in 2010). The rankings are determined according to the results of a questionnaire on “recruitment and cultivation of human resources”, “use of diverse human resources”, “improvement of working environment” and “consideration of diverse ways of working”. Nitto Denko Corporation received particularly high marks on its “use of diverse human resources”.Training using experience-based safety training apparatusesGlobal Conference held in March. Approximately 120 participants attended.