NITTO DENKO GROUP CSR & Annual Report 2012

CSR & Annual Report 201216ProcurementAiming toward fair and honest procurement with an “Open, Fair and Best” spiritThe Nitto Denko Group considers procurement should be done in accordance with “Nitto Denko Group Business Conduct Guidelines”, with our spirit of being “Open, Fair and Best”. We promote our procurement activities in which each employee should be undeviating from corporate ethics and societal norms and conduct fair and honest procurement.Furthermore, in order to realize the minimization of environment load and manufacture environmentally-friendly products, we established “Nitto Denko Group Green Procurement Standards” that promote green procurement activities. In addition, we are implementing a fulfillment of CSR and response to environmental change. By use of Nitto Denko Group Chemical Information System (CHI), we conduct research timely and promptly on chemical substances contained in the raw materials which we buy.Aiming at enriching our suppliers’ understanding of our green procurement and research on chemical substances, we held presentation meetings in Tokyo, Toyohashi and Osaka in March 2012, which were attended by 259 participants from 203 companies. We will conduct such activities again in the future to help our suppliers acquire a better understanding of our chemical substances policies and practices.In fiscal 2012, we will periodically conduct necessary research on purchased raw materials for reasons such as to ascertain whether or not they contain substances on the candidate list of SVHC.Safety Measures for Employees“Place safety before everything else”With the Nitto Denko Group’s guiding principle of “Place safety before everything else” in mind, we have continued to take precautions against accidents, aiming to create and maintain a working environment in which every employee can work with peace of mind.(1) Occurrence of AccidentsThe Nitto Denko Group has continued to implement safety activities in order to achieve our Group’s goal of “Zero Critical and Serious Accidents”. The occurrence of such accidents has been on a declining trend in the medium and long terms. However, over the past few years, the trend has reversed. Aiming at correcting this, we have conducted inherently safe design* and proper chemical substances management thoroughly again.Transition in “N” Accident Frequency Rate05101520253035400. accident frequency rateNumber of accidentsNumber of critical or serious industrial accidentsN accident frequency rateCritical industrial accidents:Industrial accidents resulting in long-term injury (disability)Serious industrial accidents:Industrial accidents with the potential for long-term injury (disability)N accident frequency rate: Number of critical or serious industrial accidents per total 1 million labor hours(FY)goalCorporate GovernancePresentation meeting