NITTO DENKO GROUP CSR & Annual Report 2012

CSR & Annual Report 201214QES AuditQuantitatively “displaying” quality, environment and safety degree of each company of the Group after auditsTo meet the goal of “Bringing safety to employees, customers and society”, the QES Audit Department audits the activities of each base of the Group in three key areas: quality, the environment and safety. In fiscal 2011, we audited 23 bases and carried out follow-up audits on 13 bases.The audited items varied widely and it was difficult for subject bases to understand the contents of them. Therefore, in fiscal 2011, we quantified the results of the audits, presenting them ‘visually’ in graph and chart form. This made problem issues and the size of risks clear, so that we could tackle them effectively. In addition, we were able to recognize the degree of improvement at a glance.A corporation never improves simply by means of carrying out audits. We also offer suggestions for improvement and seek to create a corporation which ensures the safety of our employees, customers and society throughout the whole group. Product Risk ManagementAiming at providing safe and useful products to our customers By means of setting up a “Product Risk Committee”, the Nitto Denko Group aims to clarify risks associated with its products and minimize the effects of such risks.Section meetings were set up to address the risk areas identified throughout fiscal 2011. We will continue to implement risk reduction measures throughout fiscal 2012.Product Risk CommitteeSection Meeting of RiskActual Achievement of Fiscal 2011Product Liability•Review of contracts with customers•Implementation of conclusion of quality assurance agreement•Prevention of recurrence of serious complaints arising from lack of information on the part of customersChemical Products•Response to REACH (including CLP)•Response to the chemical substances control laws of each country•Response to MSDS in accordance with new JIS•Review of Nitto Denko Group Regulations on Voluntary Management of ChemicalsPackaging and Product Description•Response to GHS product description (including GHS in China)•Response to physical distribution risks•Establishment of Product Lot Number Standardization Guidelines•Response to indication of source•Response to indication method established by export control orderProduct Quality Management and Compliance with Environmental Laws and Safety Laws(1) Quality Management in Response to Customer RequestsThe Nitto Denko Group mainly manufactures and supplies intermediate function materials. In order to gain customer satisfaction with final products using our products, we have improved rules and guidelines and implemented measures to prevent problems with flaws.(2) Management of Environmental Laws and Safety Laws Concerning Chemical SubstancesWe considered countermeasures to respect the chemical substances control laws of each country where we do business, as well as EU controls such as RoHS and REACH. Furthermore, we established and reviewed the Nitto Denko Group Regulations on Voluntary Management of Chemicals.Corporate GovernanceDealing with Radioactive Substances from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentThe Nitto Denko Group has established guidelines for dealing with radioactive substances from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident and gives extra consideration to the effects of the accident on our health and environment.In the case that the amount of radioactive substances in raw materials is beyond the norm specified by the guidelines, we take necessary measures, such as interim storage, in order to prevent the outside dispersal of radiation.In the case that our customers request data as to the radioactive substances in our products, we state in the guidelines that we should give proof of the absence of radioactively contaminated products or lodge measured data.