Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 20118On March 11, 2011, a massive magnitude 9.0 earthquake centered on Sanrikuoki occurred. We express our wholehearted sympathy to its victims.The Nitto Denko Group also suffered damage from the earthquake. Here we report on the damage and our response to it (as of May 17, 2011)Damage to and Response of the Nitto Denko Group(1) Establishment of an Integrated Task ForceThe Nitto Denko Group established a group-wide integrated task force headed by the CEO, as soon as the earthquake occurred.Until late April, we kept in touch daily with local task forces of the affected bases. In cooperation with each department, we confirmed the safety of our employees and supported the devastated areas, the daily lives of those living in such areas, and the resumption of production.(2) Human ImpactBy means of a safety confirmation system, we confirmed the safety of employees working and on the road in the Tohoku and Kanto districts where seismic activity was destructive.(3) Extent of Damage to Buildings and Other FacilitieslTohoku DistrictIn the Tohoku district, there are 8 bases of the Nitto Denko Group. (Refer to map)The most damaged of these was the Nitto Denko Tohoku Plant located in Osaki-shi, 40 km north of Sendai-shi. Part of the buildings was damaged, but other facilities in the plant were barely affected. However, because of the disruption to essential utilities and subsequent examination of our facilities, we had to stop production for two weeks. On March 24 when utilities were restored, production partially resumed. By mid-April, production had almost recovered to the pre-quake level.At the Nissho Iwaki Plant, there was no major damage to buildings or other facilities. However, because of the disruption to utilities and the Fukushima crisis*, production was partially interrupted. On March 22, it was restored.Office of Nitto Denko Tohoku Sales Branch in Sendai-shiThe cabinet was fixed to the wall but fell because of the violent shaking of the earthquake.Nissho Iwaki PlantThe glass in the entrance was broken. (Part covered with film)Feature: The Great East Japan Earthquake and its Effects on the Nitto Denko GroupDamage to the Nitto Denko Tohoku PlantPart of the ceiling above the stairs in the building collapsed.*The Nissho Iwaki Plant and Fukushima Nitto Shinko Corporation are more than 30 km from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and in a safe area. That notwithstanding, we took precautions such as limiting employees’ coming into the office in order to give the highest priority to their safety.青森AkitaIwateYamagataTochigi茨城Gunma埼玉千葉神奈川東京山梨長野岐阜富山石川FukushimaNiigataMiyagiNitto Denko Tohoku Plant (Osaki-shi)Nissho Tohoku Plant(Osaki-shi)Nitto Denko Akita Sales Office(Nikaho-shi)Nitto Denko Tohoku Sales Branch (Sendai-shi)Nitoms Sendai Sales Office (Sendai-shi)L Nissho Tohoku Sales Office (Sendai-shi)Nissho Iwaki Plant (Iwaki-shi)Fukushima Nitto Shinko Corporation(Higashishirakawa-gun)Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant30 km radius