Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201134Social Action ProgramSupporting SportsThe 30th Osaka International Ladies MarathonIn line with the theme of “We Support the Challengers with Shared Enthusiasm!”, we co-sponsored both the Osaka International Ladies Marathon and the Osaka Half Marathon this year for the seventh time. It was the 30th time the event was held and “Challenge! Chibikko Marathon” (“Marathon Challenge for Young Children”) was also held, in which 500 pairs of parents and their primary school children enjoyed running with a special guest, Q-chan (Naoko Takahashi) in Nagai Stadium.Despite being a cold and very windy day, approximately 390,000 spectators, more than the previous year, cheered for runners both in Nagai Stadium and along the course. Approximately 1,700 employees of the Nitto Denko Group from around the country visited the stadium and about 460 of them participated in the event as volunteers. Some helped with the organizing of the event whilst others helped clean the site.The start (Photo credit – Sankei Shimbun)Volunteers handing out towels at the finish line of the Osaka Half MarathonChallenge! Chibikko Marathon