Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201130EnvironmentalConservationActivitiesEnvironmental Performance Data– Reduction of organic solvents –The Nitto Denko Group is implementing measures to reduce the quantity of organic solvents used in manufacturing our products. A reduction in the amount of organic solvents used helps to avoid the possibility of hazardous explosions and damage to human health, as well as to reduce environmental load. The Nitto Denko Group installed oxidizing equipment (incinerating equipment used for solvent gases) or solvent recovery units in every production line aimed at preventing air pollution generated from organic solvents. However, it was difficult to capture the emissions perfectly, and in fiscal 2010, the amount of organic solvents discharged into the air increased in line with the increase in the amount of organic solvents used over the previous year. In order to reduce the amount of organic solvents used, we are actively tackling the development of products manufactured without the use of organic solvents. Recently, from the standpoint of global environmental protection, emulsion polymerization and UV polymerization manufactured without using organic solvents have attracted attention. Each technology has its own merits. We will realize the development of products with superior characteristics, making use of these technologies, our essential technologies and experience and disseminate our technical know-how throughout the entire Group. 05001,0001,5002,0001,09962352201020051,1311255971,08813350686857297779642851,099313972006200720082009(metric tons/year)(FY)Nitto Denko CorporationDomestic group companiesOverseas group companies010,00020,00030,000010203013,93918.82010200516,42619,46211,60211,94814,84124.326.619.119.417.92006200720082009(metric tons/year)(%)(FY)Recovered amount of VOCRecycle rateLow-VOC Re-peelable Double-coated Tape (No.5000E)The number of environmentally-conscious products which the Nitto Denko Group manufactures continues to increase year by year. Low-VOC re-peelable double-coated tape (No.5000E) is one of the products which we create without the use of organic solvents. In addition, it has other merits that include its high adhesiveness which is required for double-coated tape and its ability to be easily detached when needed. In the future, as with this double-coated tape, we will continuously undertake the development of products of superior performance with our environmentally-conscious technology.Amount of VOC Emissions (consolidated)Amount of VOC Recycling (consolidated)