Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201128EnvironmentalConservationActivitiesEnvironmental Performance Data– Working to prevent global warming –The Nitto Denko Group is taking steps to reduce CO2 emissions associated with our business activities in order to prevent global warming. As energy use is almost invariably accompanied by the generation of CO2, we actively strive to improve our energy efficiency and implement energy-saving activities.Our unit CO2 emissions (CO2 emissions per 1 million yen of production output) throughout fiscal 2010 decreased by approximately 6% over the previous fiscal year. Compared to fiscal 2005, total CO2 emissions declined by 7.5% (approximately 50,000 metric tons), but we will have to implement new activities for further reductions. Thus far, we have mainly taken steps to introduce environmentally-conscious energies by switching to fuels which produce fewer CO2 emissions. As next steps, we are tackling the development of environmentally-conscious products and processes at the time of manufacturing. For example, we are focusing on a further reduction of CO2 by means of introducing environmentally-conscious technologies such as UV polymerization produced efficiently with less energy using ultraviolet light and emulsion polymerization manufactured without the use of organic solvents.Participating in Nippon Keidanren’s Commitment to a Low Carbon SocietyIn December 2009, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half, Nippon Keidanren (Japan Economic Federation) made an announcement of basic policies, “Nippon Keidanren’s Commitment to a Low Carbon Society”. Assenting to its intent and purpose, the Nitto Denko Group committed our participation by way of the Japan Chemical Industry Association, to which we belong. To help accomplish the Federation’s goal, we are making efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.050,000100,000150,000200,000250,000300,0000100200300400500600199081,032152,13011,38474,093126,40010,81345,163141,77810,12948,763146,85710,48282,298144,75710,78978,497157,33590,57910,839575344375383316428347201020052006200720082009(kℓ/year in crude oil equivalent)(ℓ/million yen)(FY)Nitto Denko CorporationDomestic group companiesOverseas group companiesUnit consumptionElectricityand fuel: 67%Incineration ofsolvent vapors:30%Incineration of industrial waste:3%CO2 Emissions in Fiscal 2010: 649,470 CO2-metric tons/year0200,000400,000600,000800,00005001,0001,5002,0001990231,095420,58227,786201,1021,64193920102005534,57426,578140,989553,99025,188158,866394,92825,811239,022404,81026,632238,819457,656269,34629,0921,4451,4099241,1789942006200720082009(CO2-metric tons/year)(CO2-kg/million yen)(FY)Nitto Denko CorporationDomestic group companiesOverseas group companiesUnit emissionsEnergy Purchased and Unit Energy Consumption (consolidated)Total and Unit CO2 Emissions (consolidated)CO2 Emissions by Source (consolidated)