Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201127load level as a benchmark, we aim to double our environmental efficiency by fiscal 2015.As fiscal 2010 was the halfway point to fiscal 2015, we put special effort into reducing the environmental load by means of setting an aggressive goal. Although the amount of environmental load remained at the same level as that of fiscal 2009, the added value created improved and the relative index was 136 as a result. In order to realize the target value for fiscal 2015, we will improve development of more energy-efficient products and processes as well as products manufactured without using organic solvents, in line with continuing existing activities.In addition, we will increase our efforts to create high value-added products.*1:Value calculated by subtracting cost of materials, outside order expenses and energy costs from sales*2:A unique unit utilized by the Nitto Denko Group, indicating environmental load, into which we convert energy purchased, industrial waste generated, VOC purchased and the like through the use of a coefficient. (unit:ton-El)CertificationIn fiscal 2010, the following group companies obtained ISO 14001:2004.01002003004005006007008009001,0001,1001,2001,3001,4000102030405060708090100110120130140200536316220115110098116111101136402190158119493207268744815920943417920243320119920062007200820092010EnergyVOCIndustrial WasteOther GHGIndex(1000ton-EI)(Index)(FY)Water consumed: 4,603,276 metric tonsINPUTOUTPUTWastewater: 3,981,409 metric tonsProducts:144,540 metric tonsCO2 emissions:420,582 CO2metric tonsIndustrial waste disposed outside the company: 47,078 metric tonsAmount of incineration of industrial waste and solvents: 47,047 tonsFinal disposal: 202.6 metric tonsEnergy recyclingAmount of materials recycled:20,643 metric tonsAmount of energy recycled:48,788.3kℓ(in crude oil equivalent)Raw materials purchased(including solvents):219,074 metric tonsSolvents purchased: 41,049 metric tonsSolvent vapors emitted into the air: 1,099 metric tonsEnergy purchased: 152,130kℓ(in crude oil equivalent)Waste plastic recycled: 6,708 metric tonsSolvents recycled: 13,935 metric tonsMaterial recyclingManufacturingprocessApril 2010Nissho Precision (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Penang Factory June 2010Shanghai Nitto Optical Co., Ltd.February 2011Nitto Denko Automotive, Virginia, Inc. FY200520062007200820092010Added Value(million yen)318,098310,714410,835328,264298,890409,971EnvironmentalLoad (ton-El)876,846869,820975,421815,973814,210832,488Index0.3630.3570.4210.4020.3670.492Relative Index10098116111101136Material Flows in Business Activities (non-consolidated)Environmental Load and Environmental Management Index (consolidated)Environmental Management Index* (consolidated)*Added Value / Environmental load