Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201126EnvironmentalConservationActivitiesConcept of Environmental ManagementWe believe that we have a responsibility to minimize the environmental load resulting from our business activities. Therefore, by means of assessing the relationship between the added value created from corporate activities and environmental load, we implement measures such as a reduction in energy used in production and industrial waste, aiming to reduce environmental load.We promote the development of environmentally-conscious products in order for our products and services to realize an overall reduction in the environmental load of our customers’ production processes.Environmental Management IndexThe Nitto Denko Group is implementing environmental load reduction activities aimed primarily at the prevention of global warming. An example of this is the establishment of a unique environmental efficiency index and its target values.The “Environmental Management Index” (environmental load value-added productivity) set by the Nitto Denko Group is an index which indicates the environmental load from corporate activities vis-à-vis the added value created from corporate activities. It is obtained by dividing the added value*1 created from corporate activities by environmental load*2 entailed in the creation of the added value. By using the fiscal 2005 environmental Passing the Beautiful Earth and Local Environment onto the Next GenerationIn conformity with our corporate vision, our voluntary environmental action plans and regulations, the Nitto Denko Group implements environmental management to protect the local and global environment through two approaches: A “reduction of environmental load associated with our business activities” and the “development of business conducive to environmental conservation”.Reduction of air pollutantsSolvent-freeprocessesReduction of greenhousegasesReduction of industrialwastesManagement of chemical substancesMinimizing global environmental load generated from our business activities is our responsibilityReduction of global environmental load through our customers’ using Nitto Denko Group productsContributions towards Energy Savings over Existing Methods and ProductsContributing to Weight Reduction of Automobiles through Damping and ReinforcementReduction of Global Environmental Load Associated with Business ActivitiesDevelopment of Businesses Contributing to the Global EnvironmentReverse Osmosis Membrane ModuleDamping MaterialsSteel Plate Reinforcing Materials