Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201119BusinessActivitiesOptical BusinessThroughout fiscal 2010 our optical business ran smoothly as demand for LCD televisions remained strong due to the eco point system in Japan and the economic stimulus measures initiated by many countries. In addition to the popularization of LCD televisions, which use LED-backlighting (LED: semiconductors called light-emitting diodes), sales of innovative 3-dimensional LCD televisions began. Our optical films are utilized in both products and we continue to contribute to the evolution of LCD televisions.The market for mobile devices such as multifunctional smartphones expanded. In line with the growing size of smartphone screens compared to those of traditional mobile phones, high-definition liquid crystal panels became more commonly installed. Our optical film technology, cultivated in LCD televisions, was utilized in this field and we were able to contribute to demand for smartphones.As touch panels are installed on many smartphones, the demand for our ELECRYSTA™ transparent conductive film increased greatly. In the future, it is expected that our ELECRYSTA™ will be installed on many other mobile devices such as tablet PCs, too. The market for touch panels, which are the interface through which information is entered, is expected to grow progressively larger. We will make ELECRYSTA™ an indispensable material in such fields. If the LCD market reaches its maturity in the not-so-distant future, we will pour our energy into further improvements and innovative product development, aiming to be a business which continuously produces stable and enduring profits.Electronics BusinessOur printed circuit materials, “NITOFLEX®”, a flexible printed circuit board and “CISFLEX®”, a thin-film metal base board with high resolution circuit, performed well. Both of these products are installed on hard disc drives (HDDs) used in personal computers. In the future, hard disc drives are expected to have increasingly high-capacity as memory devices used for storing graphics and audio data. Our super-fine wiring technology will contribute to such evolution.In regards to semiconductor encapsulating materials, the markets for products such as environment-responsive resin saw a mild recovery.In electronic processing materials, sales of tape applicators remained strong because of a recovery in capital investment in semiconductors. Along with recovery in the semiconductor market, demand for tapes used in semiconductor production was strong. Production in the semiconductor industry is expected to expand in Asian countries. We will pour our efforts into the further streamlining of existing products and the development of new products in growing fields in response to our customers’ needs.Transparent conductive film ELECRYSTA™“CISFLEX®”, our thin-film metal base board with high resolution circuit Performance of Fiscal 2010 and Future ProspectsElectronic Products Are Strong, While Tape Business Drives Globalization.