Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201117Every year we produce a number of future leaders.(1) Occurrence of AccidentsThe Nitto Denko Group has continued to implement safety activities in order to achieve our Group’s goal of “Zero Critical/Fatal or Serious Industrial Accidents”. For a long period of time the occurrence of such accidents declined. However, in fiscal 2010 the number of critical/fatal and serious accidents increased on the previous year. There were certain deficiencies in the safety procedures at some bases, especially in their preventive measures. In order to solve these problems, we are building workplaces in a unified manner across the whole Group, where employees can work in safety in line with constantly developing preventive measures and safety education.(2) Preventing Accidents Involving Chemical SubstancesIn fiscal 2009, an accident occurred at one of our group companies in China and an employee died after inhaling a chemical substance. To prevent such an accident from occurring again, we have established a method of “Chemical Risk Assessment” in which we assess the hazardous nature of chemical substances. In the future, we will introduce this method to every workplace of the Nitto Denko Group to further enhance safety.nCertificationIn May, 2010, Shanghai Nitto Optical Co., Ltd. obtained OHSAS18001:2007.Personnel Matters and the Cultivation of Human ResourcesThe cultivation of employees playing globally-active rolesIt is human resources that drive business growth and quality improvement. The Nitto Denko Group aims not only to encourage its human resources throughout the world, regardless of their nationality, culture and language, to spare no effort in striving without fear of change, but to give them full play. To that end, we continuously provide suitable education. (1) Nitto UniversityNitto University opened in 2000 and is an educational program (including its predecessor, Innovation School) which seeks to cultivate managerial leaders. Approximately 600 employees have graduated in the past decade and 9 graduates have sat on the board or been vice president (as of July, 2011).In the past, some participants were from abroad, but the program was convened only in Japan and lectures were given only in Japanese. From fiscal 2011 the program will be held globally; it will be held overseas and in English. The new program was drawn up in fiscal 2010.Transition of Nitto University Students0204060801001200100200300400500600700192140208420181202021212152495151235412060724252527528374274732425200020022004200520062007200820092010Training course for future officer candidatesInnovationSchoolNitto University Number of studentsTotal number of studentsTotal number of studentsTraining course for next-generation leadersTraining course for highly-motivated young employees with a firm grasp of our corporate ethos(FY)