Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201114Corporate GovernanceQES AuditRealizing the construction of a better system through internal evaluation as regards to quality, the environment and safety and subsequent proposals for improvementIn order to ensure that the Nitto Denko Group is audited from the perspective of its stakeholders, the QES Audit Department was created. To meet the goal of “Bringing safety to employees, customers and society”, the department audits activities in each base of the Group relating to three key areas: quality, the environment and safety. If any risks (issues that need to be improved) are found, we make improvements together with persons in charge of the sites.The targets of the audits include the 70 Nitto Denko Group bases concerned with manufacturing and design across Japan, Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Europe. In fiscal 2010 we audited 49 bases. In addition, we carried out follow-up audits to audits done in the previous year on some of the 49 bases. In fiscal 2011 we will visit 54 bases and conduct audits and make subsequent proposals for improvement focusing on quality, the environment and safety. Any reported risks which are identified along with any suggested countermeasures are passed on to Nitto Denko’s directors, corporate auditors and those in charge of each group company. Product Risk ManagementAiming at providing safe and useful products to our customers By means of setting up a “Product Risk Committee”, the Nitto Denko Group aims to clarify risks associated with its products and minimize the effects of such risks. Section meetings have been set up as described in the chart to the right to address the risk areas identified throughout fiscal 2010. We will continue to implement risk reduction measures throughout fiscal 2011.Product Quality Management and Compliance with Environmental Laws and Safety Laws(1) Quality Management According to Customer RequestsThe Nitto Denko Group mainly manufactures and supplies intermediate function materials. In order to gain customer satisfaction with final products using our products, we have adjusted rules and guidelines and implemented measures to prevent problems with flaws.(2) Management of Environmental Laws and Safety Laws Concerning Chemical SubstancesWe considered countermeasures to respect the chemical substances control laws of each country where we do business, as well as EU controls such as RoHS and REACH. Furthermore, we established and reviewed the Nitto Denko Group Green Procurement Standards.(3) Compliance with Laws Concerning Packaging and Product DescriptionWe observed laws and regulations covering both inner and external packaging and product marking in product delivery and reviewed and improved issues in transportation.Product Risk CommitteeSection Meeting of RiskActual Achievement of Fiscal 2010Product LiabilityReview of contracts with customers ••Implementation of conclusion of quality ••assurance agreementChemical ProductsResponse to REACH (including CLP)••Response to the chemical substances ••control laws of each countryPreparation of MSDS in accordance with ••new JISReview of Nitto Denko Group Green ••Procurement StandardsReview of Nitto Denko Group ••Regulations on Voluntary Management of ChemicalsPackaging and Product DescriptionResponse to GHS Product Description••Response to physical distribution risks••