Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201111In January 2011, Nitto Denko Corporation was ranked 14th out of a “Global 100” of the 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World because of an appreciation for our approaches to the environment, society and governance.resources if the Nitto Denko Group is to continue to earn societal trust. For this reason, we embrace the ongoing training and professional development of all our employees. We conduct compliance training sessions for core management-level employees and supervisors, as well as board members, every year. Furthermore, we conduct training sessions on CSR and other relevant subject matters for everyone in the Group. We aim to develop and encourage our employees to gain confidence, strong professional ethics and a wealth of good sense.The Nitto Denko Group carries out internal audits and other audits related to export control, unethical trading, the environment, safety and quality by specialty units. The results of these audits are reported to the department responsible and the relevant management teams. Any problems identified are considered and followed up with strategies initiated to rectify the situation as speedily as possible. We have also implemented the internal control evaluation measures which are outlined in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. These measures focus on six areas: “control environment”, “risk evaluation and response”, “control activities”, “information and transmission”, “monitoring” and the “handling of IT”. We believe that in order to enhance future governance, it is necessary to successfully combine our internal audits with the internal control evaluation measures.In order to prevent misconduct, accidents from occurring and to keep our losses at a minimum, the Nitto Denko Group actively manages risk. We consider risk management to be an important component of good governance. Risk management concerns all of our business activities as well as any accidents and disasters that may occur globally. The CSR Committee investigates any risk areas that may present as serious concerns to management. Any potential risk areas are prioritized and the relevant departments are then engaged in a process focused on putting in place countermeasures aimed at prevention and transformation.We have two problem-solving avenues available to employees, one of which is internal and the other being a helpline. Every employee is able to utilize either avenue in situations where the issue concerned relates to the Group. When any violation of the law or corruption is uncovered, the first step undertaken is for the employee to inform and consult their manager. In cases where the situation is not resolvable within the organization, it is then likely to be reported to the helpline information desk.In fiscal 2010, there were some employees who utilized the helpline. We settle issues while ensuring the protection of informers.Aiming at an improvement in compliance, the Nitto Denko Group has distributed the Nitto Denko Group Business Conduct Guidelines to employees of the Group worldwide.It has been four years since the first edition was published and our circumstances have changed considerably, so we published a revised edition with added and revised contents which we distributed in March 2011. It has been translated into 14 different languages, including a new Malay version. We refer to it to make sound decisions in the course of our business activities. TOPICS