Nitto Denko Group CSR & Annual Report 2011

CSR & Annual Report 201110Corporate GovernanceCorporate GovernanceAiming at sound and transparent managementThe Nitto Denko Group believes that to enhance corporate value it is important to implement long-lasting harmonious activities involving all stakeholders. The governance model we use to realize this is illustrated in the diagram below. We have ten directors and five corporate auditors, each committed to maintaining fairness and transparency in the work that they do. Two out of the ten directors and three out of the five corporate auditors have been appointed to objectively carry out the function of governance with their superior insight.To ensure that the organizational system is pro- active, the Nitto Denko Group has introduced policies based on action principles in each particular field of our business. Some of the areas addressed concern: “basic policy of internal control under corporate law”, “basic policy of internal control relating to financial reporting”, “disclosure policy”, “environmental policy”, “quality policy”, and “basic information security policy”. Not only have we devised these operational policies but we have developed our “Corporate Vision”, “Guiding Principles” and “Business Conduct Guidelines” as common guides for every employee to follow, not only as an employee of the Nitto Denko Group, but also as a member of society.Through the integration of these common guides and the governance system below, governance becomes effective.It is integral that we continue to develop our human Board of DirectorsRepresentative DirectorsCorporate Vice PresidentsCorporate Governance SystemBusiness divisions, HQ divisions, Group companiesCSR CommitteeInternal Control CommitteeCorporate Governance Departmentelections / dismissalselections /dismissalselections /dismissalsTen Directors (Two External Directors)President連携General Meeting of Shareholderselections / dismissals / supervisionMonitoringMonitoringBoard of CorporateAuditorsFive Corporate Auditors(Three ExternalCorporate Auditors)CooperationCooperationCooperationAccountingAuditorCorporate StrategyCommitteeManagement AdvisoryCommitteeThe Nitto Denko Group aims to be a sustainable enterprise, taking into consideration a balance of “economic efficiency”, “environmental acceptability” and “social adequateness”.