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Product Specifications

Film properties

Product number PX-7060S PX-7570N PX-8080S
U-Value*1 3.27 3.46 3.46
U-Value*2 0.58 0.61 0.61
Solar Reflection(%) 33 25 22
Transmission(%) 43 52 54
Abdsorption(%) 24 25 24
Visible light Reflection(%) Inside 12 8 7
Outside 15
Transmission(%) 68 72 77
Ultraviolet transmittance(%) <1 <1 <1
Shielding coefficient 0.53 0.62 0.65

*1 w/m2・k
*2 BTU/h・ft2・°F
* Measured by applying the film to transparent float glass (3 mm thick).
* In accordance with ISO10292 and ISO9050.
* The figures given in the content are observed values only and are not guaranteed.

PX-7060S,PX-7570N and PX-8060S are films with excellent appearance and low levels of reflection and iridescent patterns.

Note on reflection

When applying a window film, the reflection on the window glass can intensify when looking from the outside in the daytime or the outside can become less visible at night.
Having low visible light reflectance, PX-7060S film reflects less under the above conditions.PX-7570N is a film that had a transparency such as glass in a natural color.
Furthermore, PX-8060S applied to window glass is more capable of reducing reflection compared to window glass alone because it has a reflection-reducing function. These products are recommended in cases where showing the interior of a building from the outside in the daytime, or showing outside views at night in shops and buildings, is desirable.

Note on iridescent patterns

When applying a window film, an iridescent pattern can appear on the film’s surface, particularly at night.
PX-7060S,PX-7570N and PX-8060S films have properties that decrease the occurrence of such iridescent patterns.

A photograph taken from the interior of a room at night (the Nitto logo was placed on a signboard outside of the room)

  • PX-7060S
  • Conventional product

Film structure

Film structure

Product size

Product No. Size
Thickness Width Length
PX-7060S 69µm 1524mm 30m
PX-8080S 69µm 1524mm 30m
PX-7570N 69µm 1524mm 30m

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