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PENJEREX®Ensures energy-saving and comfort both in the summer and in the winter. Solar Control & Thermal Insulation Film for Windows

While ordinary energy-saving films help reduce summer heat and cooling loads through their heat-reducing effect (cutting solar heat), PENJEREX also contributes to a reduction in winter coldness and warming loads through its thermal insulation properties. As such, PENJEREX is effective both in the summer and in the winter. PENJEREX also permits energy-saving repairs, is highly transparent, cuts ultraviolet rays, and prevents the scattering of broken glass fragments.

The Five Features of PENJEREX®

  • 『Highest thermal insulation in the industry Top-ranked solar control properties』If you want to have a more comfortable time during cold winters and hot summers,
  • 『Energy saving』If you want to cut cooling and warming expenses for round-the-clock air-conditioning,
  • 『Transparency』If you want to enjoy adequate cooling in the summer while keeping windows bright,
  • 『Anti-shattering』If you are anxious about glass breakage due to earthquakes or storms,
  • 『UV-cut』If you are worried about sunburns even when indoors,

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