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Structural Material

Polarizing Film NPF

The Standard for LCD Optical Film

Polarizing Film with Birefringence Compensation Film NIBCOM

Introducing a combination of polarizing film with birefringence compensation film.

Anti-glare (AG) Treatment

Less glare from external light, combined with improved image clarity, offers better overall picture visibility.

Polarizing Film with Brightness Enhancement Film APCF

Combination of brightness enhancement film and polarizing film for LCD.

Optical Films for Reflective LCDs (Front Diffuser, Wide-band λ/4 Films)

Polarizing film, retardation film and diffuser were combined into a single unit for reflective color LCD.

Polarizing Film with Visual Compensation Film NWF

TFT-LCD visual compensation film is treated uniformly with the polarization film.

Anti-Reflection Treatment

High-contrast color display is now available by preventing reflections of sunlight and fluorescent light on the LCD surface.

Transparent Conductive Film ELECRYSTA

A conductive, transparent film often used for touch panels.

UV Curing Resin NT-UV Series

Utilized for optical components such as an optical lens, an adhesive or molding compound. Excellent dimensional stability enables nano-sized processing.

Optically Clear Adhesive Tape LUCIACS® CS986 Series

Double-coated adhesive tape with superior transparency.Having an adhesive with strong adhesive strength and excellent adhesion reliability, this transfer adhesive tape is clean and high in transparency.

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