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Medical and Sanitary Material

From babies to the elderly, our products are gentle to people of all ages

Exceptional functionality and safety is always demanded of our products which are used for various applications. One of them being medical adhesive tape, used for fixation in wound care products to cover affected areas, as well as in combination with gauze, absorbent cotton and precision instruments used for medical assistance. The materials in our adhesives vary greatly and all being are carefully selected with safety in mind, to be gentle to the skin and will not cause rashes. We develop adhesive tape of the highest quality, combined with various base materials from paper and cloth to plastics.
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Hydrocolloid Dressings

These products are wound dressings consisting of a thin, flexible backing, which prevents the entry of bacteria, and an adhesive containing hydrophilic colloid particles that absorb exudate from the wound and form a soft and lasting gel, which helps maintain an optimal treatment environment.
The excellent adhesive strength and waterproof properties of the dressings even minimize leakage of the exudate, accidental peeling or slipping-off, and allow the user to take a shower while wearing the dressing.

Film Dressings

These wound dressing products accelerate the reproduction of epithelial cells by protecting the wound, thus retaining wound exudate and keeping the wound moist. They are highly permeable to moisture vapor and gently adhere to the skin.
We offer a wide range of dressings, such as non-woven cloth dressings, film dressings, and dressings with highly water-absorbent fiber pads, as well as dressings with cushion materials to reduce the impact on the skin area where a catheter is attached. The use YU-KI®/STRATAGEL® reduces susceptibility to skin irritation of the area surrounding the periphery of the wound.

Films for attaching a catheter

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Surgical Tapes

During treatment for disease or injury, gauze and catheters are often affixed to the body with surgical tape. Our surgical tapes utilize the pain and skin irritation reducing YU-KI®/STRATAGEL® and are available with a variety of backing materials, including soft paper, non-woven cloth and plastic film. YU-KI BANTM/XTRATA®, a product made with YU-KI®/ STRATAGEL®, is ideal for patients with sensitive skin, or for whom tapes are applied repeatedly on the same area. Examples include the elderly, babies and small children, dialysis patients, or patients who are experiencing difficulties with existing tapes.

Adhesive Bandages

Our adhesive bandages are available in a wide variety of types, including a water-repellent format which can be stretched in any direction, an elastic cloth format which follows the movement of the body, and a non-woven cloth format which can be applied easily even on flexible areas. With the application of our proprietary WAVE Coating®, our bandages offer superior adhesive strength and moisture permeability.

Roll-type Film Dressing

This new roll-type film dressing is convenient and easily cut to size. An ultra-thin film ensures minimal discomfort on the skin, while making the dressing impermeable to liquid and bacteria yet permeable to moisture vapor, which helps prevent maceration of the skin surface. In addition, the use YU-KI®/STRATAGEL® enables the dressing to be removed in a manner that is gentle to the skin, minimizing skin irritation and reducing significantly the removal of the uppermost layer of the skin, which is the stratum corneum.

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