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Ultra-thin, High-recovery Gasket Sealing Foam SCF®

Flexible thin foam that is easy to work with can be used for clearances as small as 100μm.

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SCF Selection Tool will assist in choosing the proper product.

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  • Superior compression and mounting properties enable foam to fit in tiny clearances.
  • Superior ability to follow curves and uneven shapes enables foam to be used for new designs.
  • Enables fine width and thin layer processing, so the foam is applicable to complicated shapes.
  • High impact absorption.
  • Excellent dust-proofing
  • Clean; minimizes contamination to LCDs and other parts.
  • Free from any environmental load substances and also from impurities that could contaminate the equipment.
  • The chassis does not deform after installation because the compressive load (stress) is small.
  • Superior conformity to uneven and curved surfaces.


Product No. Thickness [mm] Color
SCF100 0.5~1.0 Black
SCF200 0.5~1.5
SCF400 0.3/0.4
P1500 0.3~1.5
SCF406PS 0.23
SCF400T 0.2
SCF400TT 0.15
SCF600 0.5~1.0
  • *Tape thickness is available in 0.1mm.
  • *Double-coated adhesive tape is also available.
  • *P1500 is the successor of P100UL and P200UL and has flame retardant properties. 



General Properties

Product No. Density [g/cm3] 50% Compression [N/cm2] Breaking strength [MPa] Breaking extension [%] Flame retardancy
SCF100 0.040 1.4 1.0 210 -
SCF200 0.030 2.4 0.93 167 -
SCF400 0.040 1.4 1.18 130 -
P1500 0.070 4.6 0.77 84 UL-94 HF1 (Non-Halogen)
SCF406PS 0.040 1.4 - - -
SCF400T 0.060 1.6 1.4 160 -
SCF400TT 0.10 1.8 1.9 180 -
SCF600 0.050 1.0 1.09 141 -
  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


[Test Method]  

  • Compression Speed :10mm/min
  • Compression Ratio(%)= Precompression thickness - Postcompression thickness / Precompression thickness X 100


  • Dustproofing and cushioning around speakers and microphones.
  • Soundproofing of clearances around motors.
  • Dustproofing and cushioning around LCDs.
  • Light shielding and dustproofing around LEDs.

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