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Nitto Denko Automotive de Mexico C.V.

Company Detail

Nitto Denko de México was established in 2006 and is located in Apodaca, Nuevo León, México with a total of 3 plants encompassing 120,000 total square feet. Providing mainly to the automotive markets, NDMX provides such Nitto products such as Bafflite, 1500, RE1000, RE2000, an AS2000. Led by a solid sales team and a strong workforce with a strategic manufacturing plant located in Northern Mexico, NDMX prides itself in supporting its customers with the best quality service receiving various awards from our customers.

Company Profile

Company Name Nitto Denko Automotive de Mexico C.V.
Established Date 2006
Address Street Desarrollo #100 Parque Industrial "La Silla Apodaca" Apodaca N.L. C.P.66648, México
TEL +52-81-8625-3550
FAX +52-81-8625-3550

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Company History

2006 Permacel Automotive de Mexico completes construction of first plant.
2007 Second plant construction completed adding expanded manufacturing, injection molding, and hand assembly capabilities.
2008 Manufacturing expanded to include greater mixing extrusion and die cutting facilities.
2010 Company name officially changed to Nitto Denko Automotive de Mexico.
2011 Third plant expansion completed.
2012 Added product converting business.
2014 2014 Nitto Denko Automotive de Mexico revises its business strategy by splitting company focus into two distinct companies to allow one half to concentrate on local market in Mexico and other half in the US to assist Nitto’s global business.

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