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The world faces various social issues. There is no instantaneous magical cure to these. That is the very reason we continues to keeps challenging itself to realize a sustainable future and support well-being for everyone by refining, integrating, and evolving its technologies in new ways.

Threadlike Adhesive Tape ver.

Adhesive in filament form that “adheres” but is “removable.” Since it is a filament, it can be applied easily to specific areas (even complex shapes), and since it peels off quickly just by pulling on the string, it can more easily be recycled. This new form of adhesive sticks only where it needs to, reducing waste from excess material in manufacturing processes, which supports reducing environmental impact.

Gas Separation Membranes ver.

CO2-Reducing Separation and Capturing Technology. The fusing of Nitto core technologies of membrane modularization technology with macromolecular design and coating technology has produced an amazing membrane that allows gases discharged from plants and other facilities “to pass” only CO2. With other gasses are filtered out, the carbon capture process is simplified the remaining CO2. The active collection of CO2 discharged from production plants, and subsequent reclamation and reuse, contributes to a decarbonized society.

Flexible Sensor ver.

A “Durable” yet but “flexible” sensor. This flexible sensor is not made from metal, but from Nitto’s macromolecular materials and circuit formation technology, demonstrating superior elasticity and heat resistance. It attaches optimally to a variety of and detects all types of movement, whether they be rough or subtle. The movement is converted to data. This sensor supports healthy lives for people through remote medical care and health monitoring, as well as safety through automation.

Detachable Adhesives ver.

Adhesive tape that sticks firmly but can be easily released. It provides firm support when processing customer parts and can be released in a variety of ways, including with heat, light, and water, making it possible to improve efficiency and significantly reduce waste in accordance with the manufacturing process. Furthermore, these diverse exfoliation technologies allow for expensive parts to be reused, contributing to a recycling-oriented society.

Nitto DNA ver.

Creating the next wonders for the world. In this movie, we present Nitto employees’ enthusiastic attitudes and their spirits to create values for customers and future society by Nitto Innovation. Please feel our employees’ spirits and the potentials toward the sustainable society that Nitto pursue to realize.

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