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Promoting Education and International Interaction 2013

Donating Personal Computers to Elementary Schools in Guangdong Province

After receiving a suggestion from a labor union, Nitto Denko Fine Circuit Technology (Shenzhen) donated 212 used personal computers to three elementary schools in Guangdong Province. On October 11, 2013, a donation ceremony was held and we won high praise from the local government. We will continue to contribute to the local community in the same way in the future.

Job Hunting Activities of Belgian University Students

On October 10, 2013, 20 engineering students from the University of Leuven visited Nitto Europe. They are on the brink of an important decision as to whether to select chemistry or process engineering to graduate. They were invited not only on a factory but also on a laboratory tour in order for them to learn about chemical engineering jobs. We look forward to working with them in the near future.

Children in Toyohashi Perform Experiments and Make Handicrafts

Since first sponsoring Toyohashi Boys & Girls Invention Club in 2007, we have imparted the wonder and fun of science to children in “Special Summer Class” many times.

On August 24, 2013, in a special craft making class at the Toyohashi Development Center for Children’s Futures, employees from Nitto gave lectures and enjoyed both performing experiments and making handicrafts with polarizing film and making adhesive stickers with children.


Special Summer Class


A piece of stained glass using polarizing film

Providing Polarizing Film for the “Day of Fun Science”

On August 25, 2013, the Toyohashi Plant provided polarizing film for the “Day of Fun Science”, a hands-on day of experiments and industrial arts which was held at Toyohashi Audio-Visual Education Center. The theme of the day was “light”. Parent-child teams participated, making magic boxes using polarizing film. Parents seemed to rather enjoy the day more than their children.


Handicrafts by parents and children


Magic box

Technology Exchange between Switzerland and Japan

For three days from December 2, 2013, as part of events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan, “EPFL- Osaka University - Nitto Joint Workshop” was held by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Osaka University, the Swiss Embassy and Nitto.

At the international symposium and under the theme of life science, several findings were presented. On the final day, participants were invited to Ibaraki Plant, where they deepened interchanges by looking around our prototype room and were introduced to our technology through a demonstration. We also consulted on how to carry on an academic-industrial alliance. It was a good opportunity to discover common ground.


A Nitto employee giving a presentation at the international symposium


Participants gaze at a demonstration

Donating Student Supplies to a Junior High School in Virginia

In August 2013, a box was placed in a staff cafeteria at Nitto Denko Automotive Virginia (AVA) to support economically-challenged students of Truitt Intermediate, a local school.

Furthermore, the CSR/Moral Committee held a game called a cake walk in order to warm up their activities. Combining participation fees for the game and a generous donation by AVA staff, the company was able to donate a lot of supplies. They plan to continue such worthwhile support in the future.

Providing a Better Learning Environment for Children in China

In consort with 27 companies of the Nitto Group in China, we donated what were useful items for childrens' learning.

First of all, on May 13, 2013 in addition to 625 books donated by employees, we donated stationery, gymnastic equipment, and used computers to NiuniuBaPain Area Central Primary School in Meigu, Sichuan Province.

On December 20, 2013, “Nitto Personal Computer Room” was established at Shanghai Songjiang Shanrong Primary School, which is a school for children of migrant workers. It is a classroom using recycled personal computers from each group company.


Children of Sichuan Central Primary School


Nitto Personal Computer Room

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