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Fluoroplastic Specially Oriented Film NITOFLON No.920UL

Ultra-thin, non-adhesive fluoroplastic film.

NITOFLON No.920UL is ultra-thin, non-adhesive film which does not contain any filler. Offers excellent features of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).
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  • Approximately twice the tensile strength and 1.5 times the breakdown voltage of NITOFLON skived film. Suitable for insulation of electric parts, especially insulating coating such as motors, transformers and field coils, as well as interlayer insulation such as spacers and slot insulation.
  • Available to make a ultra-thin film with a thickness of 20µm. Suitable for sliding surfaces of precision equipments such as cameras, calculators, and cassette recorders, and die-cutted packing.
  • Smooth surface and non-adhesive; suitable for sliding parts.


Property Unit Characteristic value
No.900 UL No.920 UL
Thickness [mm] 0.05 0.05
Tensile strength Lengthwise [Mpa] 50 80
Widthwise [%] 11 30
Elongation Lengthwise [%] 360 120
Widthwise [kV] 340 250
Breakdown voltage [%] 7.4 11.3
Chemical resistance (weight change rate) Sodium hydroxide [%] -0.01 -0.02
Acetone [%] +0.02 +0.02
Nitric acid [%] +0.05 +0.08
Heat resistance (weight change rate) Test temperature range 25~350°C [%] 0.02 0.02
Dimensional variation rate 100°C Lengthwise [%] 1.5 (contraction) 3.3 (contraction)
Widthwise [%] 1.2 (stretch) 0.8 (stretch)
200°C Lengthwise [%] 2.9 (contraction) 11.6 (contraction)
Widthwise [%] 1.8 (stretch) 2.4 (stretch)
250°C Lengthwise [%] 2.8 (contraction) 18.5 (contraction)
Widthwise [%] 1.8 (stretch) 2.5 (stretch)
Water absorption rate [%] 0.00 0.00
Heat conductivity W/(m・K) (kcal/m・h・°C) 0.29(0.25) 0.23(0.20)
Surface roughness μm 0.6~1.2 0.5


  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.

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