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Sealing Compound ELEP COAT LSS Series

This moisture-preventing liquid sealant thoroughly protects circuit boards from changes in humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors. ELEP COAT LSS Series.

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  • Offers low Young's modulus, small thermal expansion coefficient, excellent moisture-proofing, waterproofing, insulating, dust-proofing, and protective properties. 
  •  Features remarkable, reliable adhesion, quick film formation (3 to 15 minutes after application), strong elasticity, and anti-corrosion properties. 

  1. LSS-520

    Features excellent flexibility, low water-vapor permeability, and hydrolysis resistance, along with a low Young's modulus, small thermal expansion coefficient, preventing temperature change so that substrates and chips are not influenced by stress.  

  2. LSS-520MH 

    In addition to the features offered by the LSS-520, the LSS-520MH offers improved heat-resistance, and uses solvent which does not apply to PRTR laws or Export Trade Control Ordinances, a feature long sought by customers to reduce a negative environmental impact. 

  3. LSS-540E

    Is a VOC free coating compound that uses water instead of organic solvent.  Uses the same rubber base material as the LSS-520MH, maintaining high-level basic functions such as low elasticity, heat-resistance, and insulating properties.


Item Unit LSS-520 LSS-520MH LSS-540E Measurement Conditions
Solid content % 30 25 40
Solution viscosity mPa ·s 400 400 12 25℃
Young's modulus MPa 86 75 9.2 Tensile speed 0mm/min
Elongation rate % 450 460 500 Tensile speed 300mm/min
Water-vapor perme ability g/cm²-day 0.002 0.002 0.0035 40℃ * 90%
Coating thickness:100µm
Volume resistivity Ω·cm 3.1 * 10^16 3.3 * 10^16 2.4 * 10^16 JIS C2107
Dry to touch min. 3 5 15 Coating thickness:20µm
[Extra Info]
  • * Measurements provided here are measurement value examples and are not guaranteed.


  • ELEP COAT is a liquid sealing compound that uses rubber-modified material as its main ingredient.
  • When applied to the component side of a substrate, it thoroughly protects against moisture, dew, dust, and vibration.
  • In addition, this insulating, moisture-proof sealing compound results in very little stress on the components, and has no negative influence on the substrate such as cracks or leakage current.

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