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Single-coated Tapes with No Trace of Silicone Gas or Corrosive Ions SPAP-3025

Low outgas, high purity silicone-free tape ; contributes to improve hdd reliability.

In addition to low outgas, high purity and strong reliability, "silicone-free" is demanded for adhesive tape used for electronic parts of hard disk drive (HDD). This is because the siloxane gas in the silicone release agent gets oxidized inside the HDD and changes to SiO2, causing head crash. To solve this problem, Nitto has developed a silicone-free adhesive tape us ing uniquely developed silicone-free release liner. The tape offers superior adhesion and the minimal siloxane gas contribute to improv e the reliability of electronic parts such as HDD.
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  • Uses a newly developed acrylic adhesive; minimal outgas upon heating and minimal ion impurities.



Property Unit SPAP-3025
Tape thickness Mm 0.056
Carrier - PET/AL/PET Composite
Adhesive strength (stainless steel) [N/20mm] 10
Peeling strength of release liner N/50mm 0.5
Amount of outgas μg/cm 2 0.2
Amount of siloxane gas ng/cm 2 <0.4
Amount of ion impurities ng/100cm 2 Below detection limit


  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.
  • *Please make sure the product is capable of the application before actually attempting to put it to use.

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