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Space-Saving, Lightweight Thermal Transfer Printer Compatible With Cell Production Systems DURAPRINTER SL

A space-saving, lightweight label printer compatible with cell production system.

Compatible with the RoHS directive
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  • Compact and light The width of the product is 210mm, and the cover can be fully opened upward. Accordingly, other ipment can stand beside the product. Ideal for places where printer space is limited and the cell production system where printing and peeling is performed page by page. It weighs only 4 kg,and can be carried easily from line to line.
  • Plastic core employed A specialized plastic core has been employed for the roll core of the ink ribbon. This is ideal for printing in clean environments.
  • Windows driver compatibility Can print from general-purpose Windows applications such as Microsoft Word, Code Soft, etc. Furthermore, label-printing software for FA use (Label Studio.NET) that can print barcode labels has been bundled, therefore labels can be printed immediately after purchase.
  • Command compatibility In addition to compatibility with Windows drivers, this product can be operated with dedicated commands. A wide range of sending side devices (such as sencers) and PC operating systems are supported.
  • For automated lines Can be ipped with an automatic label applicator.


Printing Method *1) Thermal transfer
Resolution 406dpi[16dots/mm]
Max. Printing Width 112mm
Max. Printing Length 300mm
Printing Speed 25~150mm/sec
Acceptable Paper Width 25~118mm
Acceptable Paper Length 8~300mm (20~300mm, when using a cutter; 27~100mm, when torn off; 27~100mm, when using a peeler; 8~100mm, when using a micro peeler(paper width is limited to 63mm or less))
Characters, barcode Characters and barcode that can be printed using Windows applications (Some limitations when operated with dedicated commands.)
Printer driver Windows2000(SP4 or later), XP(SP2 or later) ,Vista,7(32 bit version only)(No limitation to OS when operated with dedicated commands.)
Host interface USB2.0 (High Speed, 480 Mbps), LAN or RS232C (Optional external print server)
Built-in roll Roll core diameter: 40mm (2 inches), Max. diameter of built-in roll: Φ110
Ink ribbon Exclusive plastic core (inner diameter 13.4mm),100m (sample value)
External dimensions 210mm (W)×290mm (D)×190mm (H)/4 kg(excluding AC adapter)
Power AC100~240V(including AC adapter)
Options Peeler unit, cutter unit, micro peeler unit (factory option) External roll holder Roll core 76mm[3inches], Max diameter of roll 214mm
 Supplied materials  Operational manual, Printer driver (CD-ROM), USB2.0 cable, Label Studio.NET(CD-ROM)
  • *1) If the label pitch (P) is true for the following formula, label errors or skips may occur.
    P=((56±1)/N)mm (N=1~7)
    Please make sure the label pitch does not fit within this margin. (i.e. If N=2, 27.5~28.5mm)


Please refer to this troubleshooting manual. 


Exclusive label printing software

We create an dedicated label printing software tailored to customers' demands, using software development languages such as VB (VisualBasic). Customers can change and manage formats easily since the label printing module uses Label Studio.NET.
For details, please contact us through the inquiry form.

Automated label applicator (dedicated equipment)

Using DURAPRINTER SL or SI600, we create dedicated labelers tailored to customers' production lines.
 For details, please contact us through the inquiry form.

Contact Us

Customer Support Center

Business Hours(India time)08:30-17:00(Except for Second Sat of each month, Sun, and Holidays)

  • TEL+91-124-4221604
  • FAX+91-124-4221605
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