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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Film Tape with Excellent Slideability No.440/No.443/No.4430

Film and adhesive tape with excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, and self-lubricating capabilities.

No. 443 and No. 4430 are pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes with a release liner that employs an ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene film base (No. 440). These tapes offer extremely high impact resistance, wear resistance and self-lubrication compared with adhesive tapes using other plastic films.
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  • Extremely high impact resistance: particularly excellent among plastics.
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Excellent self-lubricating properties.
  • Chemical resistance is stable, apart from some strong concentrated inorganic acids and aromatic solvents.
  • Excellent non-water absorbing and non-hygroscopic properties.
  • No.4430 has excellent adhesion between the base and adhesive.



Standard Sizes

Product No Thickness[mm] Width[mm] Length[m]
0.10,0.13,0.20,0.25,0.30,0.40,0.50 300,350 10,30,50
0.80,1.00,1.50 10,30
0.10,0.13,0.20,0.25,0.30 300,350 10,30,50
0.40,0.50 10,30
0.13,0.20,0.25 13,19,25,50,75,100,300,350



  • *The thicknesses shown for No. 443, No. 443 (Black), No. 4430, No. 4430 (Black) represent substrate thickness.


Property Unit No.443 No.4430
White Black White Black
Base material
mm 0.13 0.13 0.13 0.13
Total Thickness mm 0.30 0.30 0.16 0.16
Tensile strength MPa 55.3 51.3 55.3 51.3
Elongation % 400 380 400 380
Peeling strength
(stainless steel)
17.1 14.5 10.9 10.6
Surface resistance Ω 1016 106 1016 106
Copper corrosion - allochroic allochroic allochroic allochroic


  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


  • For wrapping guide rails and sliding surfaces such as bin fillers, label applicators and vending machines.
  • For wrapping conveyor guide covers and table surfaces on all kinds of conveying ipment.
  • For wrapping forming mandrels in film/paper packaging machines.
  • For washer linings.
  • For lining all types of hoppers and chutes.
  • For use as a sliding material for sliding surfaces of household electrical appliances and automated machines.
  • For lining of sliding surfaces in copy machines.
  • For lining of sliding surfaces in textile machines.
  • For lining of sliding surfaces in book binding machines.
  • For lining of sliding surfaces in printing machines.

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