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High-strength, Foam Based, Waterproof Double Sided Tape No.57115SB/No.57120SB/No.57125SB/No.57130SB

This is a type with stronger foam base. With excellent push out force, provides efficient waterproofing property even in small areas such as narrow frames.

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  • The enhanced and flexible thin-layer foam carrier gives better performance even when applied to substrates with a small adhesive area such as narrow frames.
  • Exhibits good followability to substrate undulations and excellent adhesion and waterproofness.
  • Excellent bonding to metals and plastics such as a PP.
  • Halogen free. (*Chlorine compounds are purposely not used.)



180° peeling strength [N/20mm]

No.57115SB 19.0
No.57120SB 17.0
No.57125SB 20.0
No.57130SB 20.0


  • * Measurement conditions: PET#25 backing, peeling speed 300mm/min, 180° angle.

Waterproof test (based on IPX7, JIS code C0920)

No.57115SB IPX7 level


  • * Tape size: 40×60mm(1mm width window shaped)
  • * Application condition: rolling over 2kg roller in one direction 23℃/50%RH
  • * Test condition: based on IPX7 (1m water bathX30min dipping)
  • * Water temperature: 23 degree C

Push out force

No.57115SB 200
No.57120SB 210
No.57125SB 200
No.57130SB 175


  • * Double sided tape size: 60 x 115 mm (5 inches) (framed with 1 mm line width)
  • * Mechanical adhesion strength measured in the direction of the push.


  • Fixing of parts for mobile phone and electronic parts.
  • Fixing of parts in regard to purpose of water proof.
  • Fixing of name plate.

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