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Self-fusing, Anti-corrosion Tape No.55

Self-fusing type anticorrosion tape widely used for prevention of corrosion and protection of pipeline.

Anticorrosion tape No.55 is self-fusing type anticorrosion tape developed for protection and preventing corrosion of various types of pipeline. The tape is composed of polyethylene film and self-fusing type adhesive, winded parts of which blend each other after application and form a sheet that cuts bleeding channel. As the base material is polyethylene, it has excellent electrical insulation and chemical resistance.
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  • Using high self-fusing synthetic rubber adhesive that fuses and combines after application, the tape brings out excellent water-tight/anticorrosion effect and cuts bleeding channel.
  • It uses polyethylene base material with superior electrical property, chemical resistance and low-temperature performance, and synthetic rubber adhesive with excellent durability.
  • It is composed of moderately flexible film and thick adhesive compound, and perfectly fits to joints and curved parts with excellent sealing and cushioning.


Standard Size

Product No. No.55
Standard size Thickness [mm] 0.4
Width [mm] 50
Length [m] 10
Ball core gauge [mm] 30
Color Black


Characteristic item Unit Measured value Measuring method
Thickness Whole tape [mm] 0.40 JIS Z 1901
Adhesive 0.28
Adhesive strength Stainless steel [N/25mm] 3.8
Own backside 2.9
Peeling method 46.1 *
Tensile strength [N/25mm] 58.8 JIS Z 1901
Elongation [%] 470
Volume resistivity Ωcm 1016 JIS K 6911
Dielectric breakdown voltage [kV] 19 JISC 2110
  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.
  • *Peeling strength: Overlap adhesive side of 100mm tapes in face to face, load 5kg weight, and measure adhesive strength by peeling off after 2 hours.


  • For anticorrosion and protection of polyethylene lining pipe joint area.
  • For anticorrosion and protection of various types of pipelines.
  • For anticorrosion and protection of power cable and communication cable.
  • For anticorrosion and protection of pipes under severe condition, such as mine and chemical factory.

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