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Press Release 2010


Image Refreshing Rate Soars Hundred-fold with Organic Photopolymer Innovation

Nitto Denko – University of Arizona Team Develops Next Generation Glass-free 3D Holographic Display

Japan’s leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation (Nitto Denko) and its wholly owned U.S. research subsidiary Nitto Denko Technical Corporation (NDT) [Nitto Denko and NDT hereinafter collectively called “Nitto Denko Group”] achieved breakthrough innovation on its proprietary organic photorefractive polymer for eye-glass-free three-dimensional horographic display system, which showed the world’s fastest level image refreshing rate. The achievement, collaborated with an American research team led by Professor Nassar Peyghambarian of the University of Arizona, was exhibited in the 17th International Display Workshops, industry’s major multinational conference held at Fukuoka International Congress Center, Japan, on December 2.
Nitto Denko Group’s expertise on this topic had already drawn global attention since the story was introduced in the February 7 issue of “Nature”, the prestigious international scientific journal, in 2008. Further progress achieved since then, among others, paricularly the hundred-fold increase in image updating speed and the world’s biggest display size were so highly evaluated that the recent November 4 issue of the journal carried a feature article along with a NDT researcher’s three-dimensional holographic image on its cover page.
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Keypoints of the technological innovation achieved since 2008

1)Display’s refreshing rate increased a hundred-fold
It used to take about three minutes for a six-inch display to update its projected image in 2008. Now the image updating speed increased a hundred-fold due to improvements made on chemical structure of materials, as well as special raw materials introduced, so the image can be updated almost by every second. Nitto Denko Group pursues its R&D endeavor to further increase the speed to another tenfold until it levels with the image updating with speed of video rete.

2)Full-color display capability
Our previous three-dimensional holographic display was only available in red color. Improvements devised on material’s chemical structure and introduction of special raw materials, boosted the display capability to a full-color scheme.

3D holographic display in full-color

3D holographic display in full-color

3)The world’s largest display size
The display size as of 2008 was limited at 15cm X 10cm. By utilizing our technological strength, the polymer processing technology know-how, Nitto Denko Group successfully came up with flawless, large-sized three-dimensional horographic display with good uniformity. The display size at 30cm X 30cm, enlarged tenfold over past two years, is the world’s biggest photorefractive material-based sample to date.

The newly-developped, world’s biggest photorefractive material-based sample

The newly-developped, world’s biggest photorefractive material-based sample

4)Three-dimensional horographic image reconizable from vertical angle
Almost all existing three-dimensional display devices, such as three-dimensional televisions employ a display method wherein slightly different, two distinctive versions of an image are separately projected in a stripe pattern for left and right human eyes respectively. Human eyes can recognize the “makebelieve” three-dimensional display only when the projected image is viewed horizontally. When human head moves vertically, such projection cannot be perceived to be three-dimensional. With newly developed display method, the output can be viewed from both horizontal and vertical angles, which can give more natural image perception. Unlike other conventional methods, the new method projects an image human eyes can perceive as three-dimensional even when people are looking up from the lying-down position. The novel display technology may lead to realize the further enhanced state of three-dimensional imaging in the future.

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