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Press Release 2010


World's Highest-level RO Membrane Technology of Nitto Denko Group to Shine Bright at "Expo 2010 Shanghai China"

With water shortage becoming increasingly serious around the world, Japan's leading diversified materials company Nitto Denko Corporation (Nitto Denko) will actively promote its advanced water treatment technology based on reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, at "Expo 2010 Shanghai China" to be held from May 1 to October 31 this year in Shanghai, China.

Nitto Denko and its U.S. water treatment technology subsidiary Hydranautics (collectively "Nitto Denko Group") will jointly exhibit panels and video images as well as hands-on demonstrations to present their world's highest-level RO membrane technology at "Osaka Case" ("Osaka Pavilion"), the sole Japanese pavilion, at the "Urban Best Practices Area" (UBPA) of the Expo. Located on the Puxi side of the Expo site, UBPA is an exhibiting vehicle introduced for the first time in the history of world expos, to serve as the stage for cities around the world to show their best solutions to urban problems.

Exhibit Outline

Using video images and panels, the Nitto Denko Group exhibit at the Osaka Pavilion is designed to appeal to the world the excellence of the filtration technology based on the Group's state-of-the-art RO membranes for seawater desalination and wastewater treatment & recycling. In addition, there will be a hands-on demonstration unit to be operated by the attending pavilion staff, which will show how impure water becomes clean when it goes through the RO membrane element. Constructed around a real bicycle, the demo unit when pedal-pumped converts colored water supposed to be seawater to come out as pure, clear water.

In the backdrop of the unit is the silhouette panel of a two-humped camel which is facing extinction in the world. The underlying concept is that the image of the camel would hopefully give the visitors something to think about regarding the preciousness of water. Too, when clean water produced by the unit's RO membrane accumulates to a certain level, the camel lowers its head as if to drink the water.

L: RO membrane element / C: Mambrane elements In a desarination plant / R: Demo unit with camel-shaped panel

L: RO membrane element / C: Mambrane elements In a desarination plant / R: Demo unit with camel-shaped panel

Outline of Osaka Pavilion

With the key word: "Environmentally-Advanced City - The Challenge of Water Metropolis Osaka", the City of Osaka, Japan, will exhibit at the Osaka Pavilion in UBPA where representative cities of the world introduce actual examples of best practices to solve urban problems. As a part of its promotional activities directed at the world and China, the pavilion will communicate Osaka's urban attractiveness to people around the world, in the hope of increased number of tourists visiting it in future.

At the same time, the venue will also introduce Osaka's government/ private-sector joint endeavors in developing environmental technologies, while showing how the city has worked on environmental conservation measures in step with economic growth, and how it has undergone sustainable development as a metropolis.

The pavilion consists of exhibits, "Cherry Blossom Tunnel Promenade" highlighting the prosperity of water metropolis Osaka, the "Flower & Greenery/ Light & Water" show, and "Advanced Environmental Technology and Further Boosting Kansai Area's Appeal".

Outline of Nitto Denko Group's Water Treatment Business

Nitto Denko Group boasts high achievements in the areas of ultra-pure water production, seawater desalination, and wastewater treatment & recycling, all based on its world's top-class RO membrane technology platform. In the seawater desalination and wastewater treatment & recycling applications, the Group has the world's No.1 position in the market.

Going forward, Nitto Denko Group plans to focus on strengthening its RO membrane technology, in addition to expanding into the fields of microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes as well as membrane bioreactors. Furthermore, by also engaging in providing services such as membrane element maintenance and management, the Group hopes to broaden value offerings to customers in the water treatment business.

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