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Housing / Housing Equipment

From general houses to high-rise buildings. From new construction to renovation projects. We are offering products and services that correspond to every step of the construction process.
The housing industry is increasingly faced with greater demand for enhanced housing functions, being represented by such concepts as the "100-year home" and the "smart house". Some of these highly demanded functions include advanced living functions, solar cells, storage batteries, and an integrated management system for household appliances.
Nitto is doing its best to meet these advanced requirements by providing its customers with not only stand-alone materials, but by also meeting their own individual material and parts needs. In addition, by utilizing our company evaluation facilities, we are providing numerous solutions for improving durability, comfort, and environmental friendliness.


The inquiry about the market of Nitto.

Business Hours (India time) 08:30-17:00
(Except for Second Sat of each month, Sun, and Holidays)

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